European League of Football: Week 7 Power Rankings

As we approach week 7 in the European League of Football (ELF), and a bye week for half the league, we have put together a mid-season power ranking.

1 – Vienna Vikings

The Vienna Vikings are now the final remaining undefeated team in the ELF following their 27-20 victory over the Barcelona Dragons last week. 

Despite trailing 20-8 in the second half, the Vikings came back with a resounding victory to give them bragging rights over the rest of the league.

The key to their success has undoubtedly been a complete roster that can perform in all three phases of the game.

2 – Barcelona Dragons

The Dragons had perfection in their grasp and let it slip away. To give up a 20-8 lead in the fourth quarter takes a special type of meltdown. 

Quarterback Zach Edwards and company played the perfect first half but were unable to close the game out. They still remain one of the most offensively dynamic teams in the league and deserve the number two spot.

For now, they will have to bide their time until they get another shot at the Vikings.

3 – Hamburg Sea Devils

There was little glory in the Sea Devils’ 70-0 victory over the Istanbul Rams this past weekend. But the team has shown improvements week on week. Hamburg’s running game is easily the best in the league and their defense is just as dominant. 

But it’s all well and good quarterback Salieu Ceesay putting up 300 yards and four touchdowns against the Rams, but the big question remains – can he do this against stiff competition to give his offense that extra layer of dynamism? 

4 – Tirol Raiders

The Tirol Raiders have quickly risen up the ranks in all power rankings. They were caught like a deer in headlights upon their entry into the league but have since composed themselves and are now showing what they’re capable of.

Their league-leading offense is likely to showcase a markedly different level of success in the second half of the season than it did in the first.

5 – Rhein Fire

The Rhein Fire have a winning attitude and a quality defense. They sport arguably the best defensive back, Omari Williams, and Head Coach, Jim Tomsulla, in the league. They have taken games down to the wire on numerous occasions and come out on top.

The only concerns raised about the Fire is whether they have the offensive firepower to compete against the top teams. The first half of the season has answered no.

6 – Berlin Thunder

The Thunder began the season with much hope. Signings such as Kyle Kitchens, Joe Germinerio and Robin Wilzeck left them with a stacked roster. This hope quickly dissipated however following a Hamburg beatdown and losses to the Tirol Raiders and Leipzig Kings.

Since the signing of former CFL linebacker David Izinyon though, things have turned around. A much-improved defense has given Germinerio and the offense breathing room and the Thunder quarterback has started to find Wilzeck for monster gains.

The Thunder will likely feel confident with three very winnable games ahead of them.

7 – Frankfurt Galaxy

The Galaxy have fallen from grace since their championship run in 2021. Jakeb Sullivan has proved too inconsistent and injuries in the secondary have left them exposed defensively.

After barely surviving the Stuttgart Surge game in overtime this past weekend, they will need to secure a much-needed victory this weekend to get their season back on track.

8 – Wroclaw Panthers

Keeping their quarterback healthy has been an issue for the Panthers. A mid-season switch and a Polish replacement in the middle of that switch will never do a team looking for wins any favors.

Losses to teams in the bottom half of the standings has not done the confidence of the team any good either. 

With the Stuttgart Surge on the hunt for their first win this weekend against the Panthers, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they were to fall even further down the power rankings in the coming weeks.

9 – Cologne Centurions

The offensive production from Jan Weinreich has fallen off a cliff. He was putting up 350+ yards a game in the initial weeks of the season. Against the Fire last weekend however, he threw for just 96 yards.

It is unclear what has caused the Centurions passing game to grind to halt, but it needs to be fixed immediately if they want to salvage their season.

10 – Stuttgart Surge

The Surge may just be the hottest winless (ever) team in Europe. They are taking nearly every game down to the wire and putting up massive numbers in the process. They are still finding ways to lose however. 

But this weekend will be a key moment for the Surge as they eye up a struggling Wroclaw Panthers. With the way the two teams have been playing, Stuttgart may just get their first victory come Sunday.

11 – Leipzig Kings

The Leipzig Kings are another team that has been dealing with injuries, most notably at the quarterback position. However, a loaded defense and the recent signing of French-league championship quarterback Conor Miller should turn things around for the team.

12 – Istanbul Rams

The Rams are continuing to struggle. They seem to be unable to produce in any phase of the game.

Players and coaches alike have been released or fired. It’s been a rough start in ELF for the Istanbul Rams.

Let’s just hope for the sake of the league that things change soon.

Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.