Video: European League of Football – Week 1 Power Rankings and Wrap Up

The first week of the European League of Football didn’t pull any punches in terms of the excitement it brought to fans from all over Europe and the world.

A lot was placed on the significance of these matchups, many of which have divisional importance.

In this video, we will talk about the updated power rankings following the results. Alongside this, we will go into some of the details of why teams may have lost and what we can expect from the teams now that we have the sample size we were missing. Later in the week, we will talk about players who have had their stock rise and the analysis for week two. Overall, it’s going to be another busy week for the ELF!

Naturally, we will cover the games and the rankings more in-depth in the video; otherwise, this article would be thousands of words long, and we’d still be reading it as the second week kicked off.

However, the Munich Ravens and Stuttgart Surge game needs to be discussed. The Surge brutally unseated the Munich Ravens as a title contender with that performance. There was not a second of the game where the Ravens led in the score; this is an accurate projection of how the game was portrayed. The game started slowly, with field goals being the only exchanged score in the first half. 6-3 in favor of Stuttgart. Then the scores and dominance came in for the Surge. Wide receiver Louis Geyer, a familiar name to all ELF fans, opened his fourth season in the league with a score and he was followed by fellow Surge receiver Yannick Mayr who also contributed with a touchdown. With this, the duo make Stuttgart as a strong candidate for having the best receiver room in the league. The combined efforts of their passing game and running game kept the Ravens flustered and looking for answers. Defensively, the Surge dispelled all the talk of the skill of the Munich offensive line as it was controlled by the speed, quickness, and fluidity of Stuttgart’s defensive line and linebackers. It seemed as if two or three Surge players were pressuring on every dropback. Stuttgart made a huge statement with this win and looks like an early favorite for the title again. Munich needs to come into the second week with a vastly different approach. Otherwise, they could see themselves slip further down the rankings.