Europe’s Top 20: Week of 7/30/14

This is the Top 20 for July 30, 2014


First, Vincent Lelard, the former Offensive Coordinator of the Vienna Vikings (Austria), showed us the 2014 Austrian season and how well football is played in Austria. The Vienna Vikings proved they are a legitimate number one going into overtime to beat the Swarco Raiders 24-17. When the game counted they found a way to win. This past weekend also saw the Braunschweig New Yorker Lions avenge last week’s loss to Berlin, by beating them 56-7. They are a formidable team. The Dresden Monarchs have not lost a game decisively this season and are dangerous for any team. They have moved up as has Kiel as they begin to get healthy. They too have moved up a spot. Berlin dropped while Swarco moved up two spots to number five. Although Stuttgart remains undefeated, they have struggled at times against weaker opponents in their own division, as they did this past weekend. Next week’s long-awaited matchup between Stuttgart and Schwabisch Hall, who are right behind them in the German standings, will be a great game to watch.

Sweden’s Carlstad Crusaders are playing great football, dominating the Swedish league, and they did it again this past weekend.  The Helsinki Roosters were forced to play without an import quarterback, not letting the defense much time to get off the field and it showed in the game they lost to the Senaijoki Crocodiles 45-0. The Crocodiles have entered the Top 20 with that win.

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RankingLogoClubOverall RecordCountrySince last week
1Raiffeisen Vienna Vikings(9-3)AustriaWon 24-17 in OT over Swarco for 3rd straight Austrian Bowl.
2Braunschweig New Yorker Lions(7-2)GermanyAnnihilated the Adler 56-7 to exact revenge for previous week's loss.
3Dresden Monarchs(6-3)GermanyWhalloped Dusseldorf 47-6
4Kiel Baltic Hurricanes(8-3)GermanyIdle this past week.
5Swarco Raiders(8-3)AustriaLost in OT in Austrian final against Vienna
6Berlin Adler(7-3)GermanyFell to Braunschweig in rematch 56-7. Still in GFL playoff hunt.
7Stuttgart Scorpions(9-1)GermanyUndefeated in German league play but dodged a bullet against lowly Allgau winning 31-28
8Schwabisch Hall Unicorns(8-2)GermanyKeep powering over opponents. This week Munich, 56-27.
9Cologne Falcons(5-3)GermanyLooked impressive in win over Rebels, 62-19.
10Prague Black Panthers(13-6)Czech Rep.Won Czech league championship
11Vukovi Belgrade(15-3)SerbiaWon CEFL championship and had an amazing 16-3 season
12Carlstad Crusaders(7-1)SwedenTook care of business beating Limhamn 69-7
13Helsinki Roosters(8-1)FinlandWithout a starting import QB they looked lost and fell badly to Senaijoki 45-0
14Thonon-les-bains Black Panthers(10-2-1)FranceLost in the Champions League semi-finals to Vukovi 19-7
15Basel Gladiators(12-2)SwitzerlandWon Swiss championship
16Danube Dragons(3-5)AustriaLost to Swarco in Austrian semis 34-0 to end their season.
17Copenhagen Towers(6-2)DenmarkTotally dominating the Danish league, this time beating the Gold Diggers handily.
18Marburg Mercenaries(5-2)GermanyBeat Rhein-Neckar bandits 34-25.
19Milano Seamen(11-1)ItalyWon Italian championship handily
20Senaijoki Crocodiles(5-0)FinlandBeat Roosters badly 45-0

Roger Kelly is an editor and a writer for AFI. A former PR Director the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League for 7 years, he now lives in Sweden writing about and scouting American Football throughout the world.