Europe’s top team halts Hildesheim Invaders in Lower Saxony Derby

The New Yorker Lions have won the Lower Saxony Derby against the Hildesheim Invaders in dominant fashion, finishing the game with a 52-10 (3-0/35-0/0-10/7-7) victory. The guests, under the leadership of head coach Troy Tomlin, used the second quarter to secure the victory early, scoring five touchdowns within that time period.

Braunschweig got on the board first with a short field goal by Jonas Kretschmann, after a back and forth and drives dominated by both defenses.

The following quarter showed why Braunschweig is the best team in Europe; while the defense gave Hildesheim now chances to score, the offense demonstrated their skill in great fashion. Quarterback Casey Theriault completed passes to almost all of his receivers, with Nathaniel Morris catching three of those for touchdowns.

Adding insult to injury was the loss of Invaders’ running back Reggie Nelson, thus destroying the last glimmer of hope for a Hildesheim comeback.

The New Yorker Lions relaxed a bit after the half, only scoring a field goal by Tobias Goebel and another touchdown by running back David McCants following a successful fake punt by Jan Hilgenfeldt.

The Invaders managed to get something going in the last quarter offensively, but were initially stopped by Braunschweig on the Lions’ 11-yard line. Braunschweig answered by scoring their last touchdown of the day, a pass by the Dutch back up quarterback Tom van Duijn to Robin Papke.

Despite being behind by a huge margin now, the Invaders were determined to score before the end of the game, and they got their wish with a touchdown pass from Zach Cavanaugh to Paul Bogdann.

After this win the New Yorker Lions will have their most difficult and important stretch of the season, as they will be facing off the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, the Dresden Monarchs and the Berlin Rebels in their domestic campaign as well as the Frankfurt Universe in this year’s Eurobowl final on June 10th.

Scoring Summary

Braunschweig New Yorker Lions (3-0) vs. Hildesheim Invaders (0-4)

Date: 27.05.2017  • Site: Hildesheim  • Stadium: F.-Ebert-Stadion  •  Attendance: 2107

Score by Quarters  Score 
NewYorker Lions BS   35  10  52 
Hildesheim Invaders   10 
1st  04:26  HI   J.Kretschmann 28 yd field goal 
         14 plays, 65 yards, TOP 5:30  0 – 3 
2nd  11:55  BL   D.McCants 9 yd run (T.Goebel kick) 
         12 plays, 75 yards, TOP 4:31  7 – 3 
  09:19  BL   N.Morris 24 yd pass from C.Therriault (T.Goebel kick) 
         4 plays, 51 yards, TOP 1:44  14 – 3 
  05:34  BL   N.Morris 13 yd pass from C.Therriault (T.Goebel kick) 
         7 plays, 58 yards, TOP 2:58  21 – 3 
  04:18  BL   N.Morris 13 yd pass from C.Therriault (T.Goebel kick) 
         2 plays, 42 yards, TOP 0:22  28 – 3 
  01:11  BL   D.McCants 4 yd run (T.Goebel kick) 
         5 plays, 30 yards, TOP 1:21  35 – 3 
3rd  07:30  BL   T.Goebel 25 yd field goal 
         11 plays, 59 yards, TOP 4:21  38 – 3 
  03:31  BL   D.McCants 25 yd run (T.Goebel kick) 
         6 plays, 50 yards, TOP 2:51  45 – 3 
4th  03:23  BL   R.Papke 20 yd pass from T.v.Duijn (T.Goebel kick) 
         6 plays, 62 yards, TOP 2:34  52 – 3 
  01:36  HI   P.Bogdann 19 yd pass from Z.Cavanaugh (P.Jung kick) 
         7 plays, 75 yards, TOP 1:35  52 – 10 

Leon Häfner began playing football for the Aschaffenburg Stallions at the age of 13 and currently plays for the Hof Jokers. Leon resides in Bayreuth, Germany where he studies Business Administration. You can reach him via his Twitter handle at