Every European League of Football Team’s Biggest Player Loss in 2024 – Part 1

The European League of Football moves fast. Players are on short contracts, teams are always looking for new additions and there are multiple leagues at any given time for players to choose from.

Today, we highlight each team’s biggest loss so far this season. This will be broken up into multiple parts so that it isn’t a 3000-word essay. Americans will not be included as they move more than the Europeans due to multiple reasons.

Let’s get into it.

Lucky Ogbevoen – LB – Raiders Tirol to Cologne Centurions

Lucky Ogbevoen is one of the best European linebackers available. He impacts the pass-and-run game in ways that many players simply cannot. He is lengthy, athletic, has physical hands and can be a real difference-maker to a front seven with his versatility across the linebacker corps. This season, if not taken in the CFL Global Draft, he will suit up for the Cologne Centurions. He will no doubt be the anchor they have chosen to build around defensively. The Raiders have been rather silent on the signing front to start 2024. Therefore, there is not an immediate player that will step into the hole that Ogbevoen has left. Either way, they’re going to have a hard time finding one. Especially with his status as a homegrown player.

Ben Dixon – OL – Barcelona Dragons to Fehérvár Enthroners

This one was a close one between Dixon and Swedish wide receiver Theodor Landström. Ultimately, it came down to the value of the offensive line compared to a receiver. Dixon and the Dragon’s offensive line last season quietly formed a solid unit. The departure of Dixon to the Enthroners is a huge blow to one team and a needed reinforcement for the other. Dixon is intense, has a solid get-off and has strong hands and elbows in contact. The offensive line is absolutely imperative for the Enthroner’s success this season. While on the other side of the coin, the Dragons will need to find a replacement sooner rather than later.

Lawrence Cornwall-Baptiste – OL – Berlin Thunder to Prague Lions

Continuing with the trend of British offensive linemen, Cornwall- Baptiste has left the Berlin Thunder to be part of the Prague Lions. This situation is extremely similar to the Dixon scenario. A decent offensive line loses a key piece to a franchise that needs to build in that department. Cornwall- Baptiste, however, is a versatile player who can comfortably play at either guard or tackle on the line of scrimmage. He has strong hands, and athletic ability, and can be a moving piece on the offensive line in pulling or screen concepts. Prague will be very happy having such an accomplished run blocker on their line given the two-back system they have been suggested they will be implementing.

Evans Yeboah – DT – Hamburg Sea Devils to Munich Ravens

Losing a first-team ELF, homegrown defensive tackle is always going to sting. That is the position the Hamburg Sea Devils are in currently with Evans Yeboah. Yeboah is as dominant as any defensive lineman in the league. He has a high motor and strong hands, he’s hyper-aggressive and was a huge factor in the dominance of the Hamburg D-Line in 2023. He is following his former defensive coordinator and new head coach, Kendral Ellison to the Munich Ravens in 2024. This immediately makes the Munich D-Line one of the best in the league, just simply off Yeboah’s inclusion. He was not the only piece Hamburg lost on the defensive front, but elite-level defensive tackles are few and far between. Hamburg will need to find a massive gem to fill the gaping hole he has left behind.

Lewis Thomas – OL – Milano Seamen to Paris Musketeers

In this trio of British offensive linemen, Thomas departure has a bigger impact than the rest as he has been a multiple All-ELF selection over the years. In Milano, he was still a very high-level offensive lineman, particularly in the run game. It was a big part of what kept the Milano running backs safe on the inside run. He perhaps will be the finishing touch to Paris’ mission to win a championship. He has the experience in championship games, falling short with both Hamburg and Nottingham. There is no doubt that this time he is more motivated than ever to get over that hump as are the Musketeers after they fell far short of expectations last season. Many are talking of a championship this season and with Thomas anchoring the offensive interior, that might just happen.

In summary…

That concludes part one of these departures and re-signings. There are many more to come but these are certainly impactful. Many of these are on the lines which is predictable, but there are also multiple in other positions so keep posted.

Until next time.