Everything You Need to Know About BC Game

BC game casinos are one of the most popular online betting platforms, with a wide array of games, tournaments, and special events to bet on. The casinos are focused on cryptocurrency betting only and that can be seen in the number of currencies it accepts, as well as in the features it provides.

In this article, we’ll try to cover all you need to know about BC. Game casino and to go in-depth about its numerous features and uses. We’ll especially focus on the services provided by the establishment itself rather than on individual games you could try.

Basic Information

  1. Game Casino was founded in 2017 and it’s registered in Curacao. The owner of the casino is Media Games Malta (EU) Limited. The casino operates in 10 different languages accepting players from all over the world. Players can bet only in cryptocurrencies and it accepts the widest possible selection of currencies – players can use over 100 hundred different cryptocurrencies.

The site is end-to-end crypto and it allows players to bet without providing any address, real name, or bank information. BC. Games are open and honest about the house edge for each game.

Security Features

BC.Games provide most of the common security features. Players set up the two-step authentication as soon as they sign up for the casino account. This means that players need two devices to sign into the casino account or make and withdraw payments. For the most part, those are mobile devices such as a phone and a computer.

Using two-step authentication makes sure that the players don’t make deposits by accident or due to fraud and scams. BC. Game’s servers and backups are fully encrypted, with access to these servers only possible via VPN.

Game Selection

BC.Game casinos provide a wide selection of games. There are over 1300 different slot games, 128 live casinos, and 18 original games produced by BC. Game. Players can also bet on crash games. These are simple games of luck when players bet against a multiplier and try to beat the odds set in favor of the casino.

Live games are provided by third-party developers. This includes some of the most popular developers in the industry such as Evolution Gaming and TV Bet. Players need to add crypto to their casino account before they are able to access these.

No Sports Betting

BC.Game casino doesn’t provide any sports betting events. This is strange for a casino of that size, but it’s a policy to focus on gambling games and games of luck in particular and leave this market to others. Many competitor casinos do allow sports betting and use the advantages of cryptocurrencies to provide fair and dynamic odds.

However, at this point, it seems BC. Game doesn’t plan to expand its services to include sports betting. This goes for eSports as well, even though it’s a bet that may appeal to their customer base.

No Poker Either

Similarly, BC. Games disappoint many by not providing any poker games. Poker is one of the most popular casino card games. It’s a game of skill that requires the players to make strategic bets and carefully study the behavior of their opponents. Poker still has an edge in favor of the casino, but a smaller one than most gambling games.

BC.Game Casino is mostly focused on games of luck. These are the games in which the outcome is determined by chance and players can’t affect it. It’s a huge market of fun and simple games – slot being the most popular one.

VIP System

BC.Game casino has a somewhat complicated VIP loyalty system. There are two tiers to the system. One is based on loyalty meaning players get experience points as they keep betting more. It rewards one experience point for 1 USD spent. As the player climbs up the ranks they get more bonus features.

The second tier of the system is a simple subscription. Players pay a monthly fee to get access to it and it provides daily free coins, free exotic trips, and a chance to go to the SVIP annual party. Additionally BC.Game has a Vault Pro feature, where players can deposit a percentage of their funds and earn interest on it.

Design and Usability

BC.Game casino features a slick and simple design that’s intuitive to use. It has an open-source code so any player can take a pick under the hood and make sure that the bets are fair. The site lists the house edge for each game so the players are able to make an educated decision on their bets. Blackjack is the game with the lowest edge, since BC. Game doesn’t have poker in their library.

All of the games are available on mobile devices, with the same gameplay options and the same design. The mobile app is easy to navigate and works smoothly.

Bonuses and Promotions

BC.Game doesn’t have a welcome bonus, which is strange for an online casino of that size. Luckily, there are other types of promotions players can use. These include random giveaways in which Bitcoin is deposited to the player’s account.

There are also bonuses for players who complete daily tasks (which are mostly bets). These are paid out in the BC. Game altcoin. It’s a cryptocurrency created by the casino called BCD. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies BCD is a stablecoin meaning that its value is tied to the value of a dollar.

Customer Support

  1. Game casino has great customer support service. Players can contact the support 24/7 and there are multiple channels you could use from phone calls, to email and live chats. There’s also a feedback section for each game where players can leave comments and suggestions.

The team working on customer support is very dedicated, and pleasant to talk to, even when you’re in a rush to get an IT issue resolved. The player’s feedback and comments are taken into consideration and the site actually tries to improve its service.

Payments and Withdrawals

BC.Game casino is focused on cryptocurrency payments. It accepts payments in hundreds of different cryptocurrencies from the most widely used ones to small and niche altcoins. Not all currencies are treated the same, however. Some altcoins have much stricter limits in terms of how much a player can withdraw or deposit at once. With Bitcoin and Ethereum for instance, there are no such limits.

Payments are pretty fast regardless of which currency you’re using and the transfer usually doesn’t take more than five minutes.

To Sum Up

BC.Game Casino is an established and trusted online gambling establishment, focused on cryptocurrency payments. It’s registered with the proper authorities and has all the safety features one would expect from a high-end casino. Players can safely use it on both mobile and desktop devices.

It doesn’t provide any sports betting games or poker. Instead, players can get hundreds of different slots with a variety of different odds and bonus features. The casino provides players with clear and identifiable odds for every game individually. There’s no welcome bonus, but there are many other promotions based on loyalty.

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