EXCLUSIVE: Ex-IFAF President Tommy Wiking issues statement

In response to the suggestions of wrongdoing in relation to the transfer of money out of a frozen IFAF account to the German Football Marketing – American Football Verband Deutschland Marketinggesellschaft mbH, a company whose managing director is Robert Huber, former IFAF president Tommy Wiking has issued his first public statement since the the first, partial CAS ruling was rendered last September, exclusively to American Football International.

“In regard to some statements made by various people I would like to add the following:

– Every payment done by IFAF under my leadership since 2006 until 2017 have been done in the best interest of IFAF and of course always in accordance with relevant law and IFAF regulations & statutes. No member of any Executive board, Executive committee, Presidium or Management committee have received any compensation for their work or time spent (at least in any organisation I have been member of the relevant bodies). IFAF have to my knowledge never even paid for any loss of income for them who have spent hours, week and months working for IFAF in an elected/appointed position.

– In regard to payments done to Germany they have been conducted in the same way and always based upon the best interest of IFAF and in accordance with the legal framework. As have payments done to USA Football, French Federation and others as well. For the time 2015 and forward IFAF had to uphold daily business under challenging circumstances and Germany was kind enough to make advance substantial amount pre-payments on behalf of IFAF. Those advanced payments far exceeds the specified amount that have been circulated in the last days. Money have been spent on salaries for GS, Media director, Web-management, ITC-manager (who was hired in December 2014), Membership fees for GAISF, Anti-doping Cost, World Games cost, Travel reimbursements etc. IFAF should in my opinion be grateful towards Germany due to their committment to IFAF and the mandatory work requested by an IOC recognised International Federation.

– Employed persons have of course been paid a salary, at least those I have been involved in hiring.

– How the funds sitting at the IFAF accounts in the USA have been spent from 2015 and forward I have no knowledge of. Neither do I have any insight in how the leadership that are in charge now have reimbursed themselves or how they have compensated their employed staff.

– Finally, I will of course answer all questions from the IFAF members and I will give a full report to the IFAF membership and its bodies once given the opportunity. So far no one representing IFAF or its members have requested any information from me. It should also be noted that the CAS ruling is not final since the fully signed CAS decision has not been received yet and that I naturally reserve myself the right to appeal after consultation with the lawyers.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

Tommy Wiking
President emeritus
Unanimously elected 2006, 2008 and 2012.”


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