Final weekend of regular season in Mexican college football filled with “win or go home” games

The last weekend in the Mexican college regular season featured multiple thrilling “win or go home” games. The action kicked off on Friday with the showdown between Borregos CEM and their older siblings, Borregos Monterrey. Borregos CEM found themselves in a critical situation as they needed to win to keep their tournament hopes alive. However, Borregos Monterrey showed no mercy and secured a victory with a score of 37-20.

Another game that captured everyone’s attention was a fraternal clash between the two UNAM teams. Pumas UNAM CU hosted Pumas UNAM Acatlán, and for the first time in 30 years, it seemed like Acatlán had a real chance to break the decades-long winning streak of CU. Both teams put up a great performance on both offense and defense.

The scoring opened when Johan López, the top quarterback in yards, moved the ball across the field and connected on a 34-yard pass to Iván Marín Solís, giving Pumas Acatlán a 7-0 lead after the extra point. However, Pumas CU responded with a 48-yard pass from Félix Rivera to Kim Villafuerte, leveling the score at 7-7 with the extra point.

In the second quarter, Pumas CU scored a touchdown from the 3-yard line with a run by Félix Rivera. Despite multiple penalties that have affected their performance throughout the season, Pumas CU showcased their offensive prowess. The halftime score favored Pumas CU at 14-7.

The third quarter continued with action in both directions, and Pumas Acatlán responded with another touchdown, this time on a quick pass to Bruno Quijano. Despite missing the extra point, they narrowed Pumas CU’s lead to 14-13.

Félix Rivera, a versatile player, stood out in the game and contributed to the score with a kickoff return and a 20-yard field goal. The score at halftime was 17-13 in favor of Pumas CU.

In the second half, both teams battled it out, but Pumas Acatlán managed to extend their lead with more points on the board, reaching 24-13. Félix Rivera once again shone with another 2-yard touchdown, widening the gap to 31-13.

The Pumas from the north sought an urgent response, and Johan López connected on a pass to Hussein Santillán for a touchdown. Despite a failed conversion, they closed the gap to 31-19. However, Félix Rivera found Kim Villafuerte for another score, and with the extra point, the final score stood at 38-19.

Continuing with the thrilling weekend action in Mexican college football, we witnessed the end of undefeated teams. The Borregos Puebla staged a spectacular comeback against the undefeated Tigres UANL, who were leading 35-17 in the fourth quarter. A spectacular pick-six breathed new life into the game, and from there, they launched incredible ground and aerial offenses, ultimately securing a 42-35 victory. This win makes them true contenders for the title.

Another game that drew fans’ attention was the clash between the IPN teams in the “civil-politechnic war.” Burros Blancos scored first and maintained a 7-0 lead for most of the game. However, Águilas Blancas equalized before halftime with a score of 7-7. In the second half, Burros Blancos connected on a field goal to take the lead 10-7, but Águilas Blancas immediately responded to regain the lead, 14-10. Finally, Águilas Blancas scored again, concluding the game with a score of 21-10. This matchup demonstrated the intensity and rivalry within the IPN.

Despite Pumas UNAM Acatlán’s loss to Pumas CU, a combination of scenarios and an exciting victory by Leones Anahuac over Aztecas from UDLA with a thrilling score of 29-27 allowed Pumas to make it to the playoffs.

In another game in the BIG-14 category, with no playoff implications, Linces UVM defeated Borregos Guadalajara with a score of 27-17. Although this game did not impact the postseason, it continued to showcase the passion and commitment of the teams in the Mexican Major League.

In the Northern Conference of ONEFA, a miracle was expected due to a four-way tie. Lobos desperately sought this opportunity but needed CETYS and UACH to lose their games. Lobos did their part by defeating the Potros ITSON with a score of 43-22. However, Zorros CETYS secured a 28-6 victory, guaranteeing them the second spot in the conference. The top spot went to the favorites, Águilas UACH, who defeated Indios UACJ with a score of 27-0. Despite Lobos’ efforts, the miracle did not materialize in the Northern Conference.

In the Bajío Conference, the situation was clearer, and the two top teams advanced to the playoffs. The top-ranked team, Borregos QRO, maintained their position by defeating Leones Anahuac QRO with a score of 21-0. Meanwhile, Tecos UAG did the same by defeating Cardinals UIW with a convincing score of 51-20. Additionally, Redwolves from Arkansas St. defeated Lobos ULM with a score of 31-14. These results solidified the standout teams in the Bajío Conference.

In the Central Conference, Frailes UT secured a 35-13 victory over Lobos BUAP. However, they needed Jaguares UTECI to defeat Leones Anahuac Cancun to advance. Unfortunately, a landslide on the road prevented Jaguares from reaching their game, and as a result, Leones were declared winners with a score of 1-0 due to the absence of the opposing team. In another result, Halcones UV defeated Toros Salvajes UACh 15-0.

Playoff berths decided

The playoff teams in the Big- 14 are now determined. In Group A, we have Tigres UANL with a record of 7-1, Águilas Blancas at 7-1, Leones UAMN at 5-3, and Pumas Acatlán at 4-4. In Group B, the qualifying teams are Borregos Monterrey at 7-1, Borregos Puebla at 6-2, Pumas UNAM Cu at 4-4, and Borregos CCM at 4-4.

In the National Conference, the top 2 teams from each conference have qualified. In the Northern Conference, we have Águilas UACH and Zorros CETYS. In the Bajio Conference, the only undefeated team, Borregos Qro, and Tecos UAG have secured their spots. From the Central Conference, the teams moving on are Leones UACanCun and Buhos IPN Medicina.