Finland: Seinäjoki Crocodiles Overpowered by Porvoon Butchers

Saturday, the Porvoo Butchers beat Seinöjoki Crocodiles 40-14, in what seemed to be a very predictable Maple League game on paper. Luckily for everyone involved, this game was not played on paper, but rather on green grass! Yes, the score was lopsided for the Butchers, but there was plenty of action to be had.


Photo Credit: R1ku Exposures

Rickey Stevens racked up 179 yards on 24 carries against the Crocodiles in this game. Stevens is a great running back and deserves the credit for what he has done so far, but this offensive line has been dominating teams ALL season and now boast two different running backs with over 500 yards rushing and 7 rushing touchdowns. Up front the Crocodiles were no match for these guys.


Photo Credit: R1ku Exposures

Last time I wrote about the wide receiver, I stated that he had an advantage against an inferior defender all game. I can’t use that excuse for this game, since most of his work was done against the American Import DJ Washington. Luoma had 6 receptions for 65 yards and 1 touchdown against the Crocodiles defense, and proved that he is a big-time player, not just a good Finnish player.


Photo Credit: R1ku Exposures

With less than a week since losing starting quarterback Brett Arrivey to injury, the crocodiles responded well in a short period of time. Receiver turned quarterback, Anthony Brooks, did a very good job of running a wide-open read option style offense that the Crocodiles had never shown before. Brett Arrivey showed signs of brilliance as an Offensive Coordinator, using lots of different type of plays to keep the Butchers Defense off balanced. The Crocodiles defense also did a great job of keeping the game close for as long as they could. An unexpected onside kick, a strip fumble by linebacker Cory Magwood, and forcing a fumble on punt coverage all gave the Crocodiles opportunities to stay in this game where they were easily outmatched.


Photo Credit: R1ku Exposures

The Seinäjoki Crocodiles have been sporting some pretty cool uniforms the last two weeks. More than that, they have been sporting some new players as well. Due to injuries and personnel issues, the Crocodiles are getting production from some previously unused players. In this game, the Crocodiles utilized all the receivers they had on the Rosters. Marco BonacciPasi Raatikainen, and Vili Rajamäki all contributed to big plays for the Crocodiles and helped replace the absence of the run game. If quarterback Brett Arrivey returns to this type of effort from receivers, the Crocodiles will definitely upset someone in the Maple League.



QB Anthony Brooks – 17/36, 163 yds, 1 td, 2 int/ 16 att, 5 yds, 1 td

WR DJ Washington – 2 rec, 30 yds, 1 td

WR Marco Bonacci – 3 rec, 59 yds

WR Pasi Raatikainen – 4 rec, 32 yds

LB Renaldas Macevicius – 6 tkls, 0.5 tfl

DL Hannu Saarimaa – 5.5 tkls, 0.5 tfl

LB Cory Magwood – 5.5 tkls



QB Daniel Farley – 12/16, 135 yds, 2 td

RB Rickey Stevens – 24 att, 179 yds, 3 td

WR Phung Nguyen – 2 rec, 41 yds, 1 td

WR Daniel Luoma – 6 rec, 65 yds, 1 td

LB Sebastian Karbin – 4 tkls, 2 tfl, 0.5 sack, 1 int

LB Troy Roach – 5 tkls, 2 tfl

DL Ville Kurvinen – 4 tkls, 1.5 tfl

Perfect Pervis is a football enthusiast from Texas City, Texas. Perfect currently resides in Finland, playing & coaching American Football and writing a blog about the football culture in Europe.