Finland’s Maple League playoffs preview: Helsinki Roosters

The 2017 Maple League playoffs are finally here!! After 15 weeks, only the Helsinki Roosters, Wasa Royals, Hämeenlinna Huskies, and Porvoon Butchers have a chance to win the Vaahtera Malja! It’s been a very interesting season, seeing all of the playoff teams look like the best team in the league at some point. But now as the first weekend of playoff games approaches, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the best four teams in Finland. Today we start with the five-time defending champions, Helsinki Roosters.

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Photo Credit: Sami Ranta


The Roosters offensive is a well-tuned machine that is nearly impossible to stop. The Roosters use a very simple spread offensive attack that is difficult to stop because of the amount of talent at their skill positions. The Roosters have relied on their rushing attack or passing game heavily at different times to flex their versatility muscles. Being able to keep defenses off balance give them an excellent chance to win the championship this year.


The Roosters defense is #1 in points allowed this season averaging just 14 points a game. Combined with a +12 turnover margin, the Roosters defense creates turnovers to complement their offense. The Roosters probably have the best secondary in the Maple League, which explains their league leading 20 interceptions so far this year. The biggest strength of the Roosters defense is their red zone dominance. This is the area of the field where they thrive creating turnovers and 4th down stops, holding their opponents to a league low 60% success rate. They say defense wins championships. . .

Photo Credit: Salla lahti


I could name the entire roster without exaggerating, but I won’t. Quarterback Brandon Connette is the driving force behind the offense and has shown excellent leadership skills in times of adversity for the Roosters. Running back Jaycen Taylor will be the difference in most games, as he is a matchup problem for every team as a both a runner and receiver. Defensive back Curtis Slater is very opportunistic in the pass game, but also a major contributor in tackles for the Roosters run defense. Defensive lineman Okko Outinen is another guy to keep your eyes on throughout the playoffs. Besides the obvious stats of sacks and tackles, he creates pressure that usually disrupts the Roosters’ offensive opponents.

Photo Credit: Jarmo Vehkomäki


For the Helsinki Roosters, the x-factor is tradition. This is an organization that is accustomed to winning championships. This team has already won the NEFL Championship this season, so they definitely know how to win the big games. Multiple times this season the Roosters have separated themselves from their opponents by making championship caliber plays in situations that only teams accustomed to winning know how.

Photo Credit: Jarmo Vehkomäki


The Maple League Playoffs start Saturday, August 26, with the Hämeenlinna Huskies (3) versus the Wasa Royals (2) at Kaarlen Kenttä, Vaasa 15:30 UTC +3. Sunday, August 27, will be the Porvoon Butchers (4) versus the Helsinki Roosters (1) at Myyrmäen Jalkapallostadion, Vantaa 15:30 UTC+3. Both games will be televised on the Ruutu subscription service. Good luck to all the teams and players involved!


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