Finnish champion Helsinki Roosters re-sign QB Brandon Connette

The Helsinki Roosters have re-signed one of the leading quarterbacks in Europe, Brandon Connette,

Connette, 6’2″, 225 lb and a graduate of Duke University from Corona, California, threw for 2,675 yards and a league-leading 35 TDs for the Roosters in 2017 following a banner year in Germany in 2016 for the Dresden Monarchs when he threw  for 4,747 yards and 68 touchdowns with a passing efficiency rating of 194.7, all three marks tops in the league.

The 26 year old Connette led Helsinki to their sixth straight Finnish championship in 2017 and also the Northern European Football League title.

Last year, American Football International asked Brandon about returning to Finland and his experience playing football in Europe.

AFI: Why the return to Finland and the Roosters?

Connette: I had a great time there last year, and loved the people. It was an easy decision.

AFI:  You won a championship in 2017. Did you turn down other offers to sign in Helsinki?

Connette: I unfortunately had to turn down quite a few offers…

AFI: What is it that you like the most about Finland?

Connette: The people are so friendly and welcoming. And I also love the 5 days of sunshine per year! (joke)

AFI: Have you found a favorite Finnish food?

Connette: There is a fish soup I had while I was there. I couldn’t tell you how name of it though!

AFI: What was your football highlight in 2017?

Connette: The highlight of 2017 was the overtime win against the [Carlstad] Crusaders in the NEFL championship game. One of my favorite football memories ever.


AFI: How did you discover American football in Europe in the first place?

Connette: I was actually working at ESPN radio in Northern California and had been out of playing football for a year and a half when I got a random Facebook message from Robert Cruse [Dresden’s offensive coordinator] . At first I was shocked and wondered why he wanted to sign a former quarterback who hadn’t put a helmet on in over a year. But I am extremely happy that he did and loved every second in Dresden.

AFI: What have you enjoyed the most about playing in Europe so far?

Connette: I have enjoyed being able to meet so many unique people from different countries and learning about their culture. I have also enjoyed being able to experience all the great history and landmarks Europe has to offer.

AFI: How many more years can you see yourself playing abroad?

Connette: I believe this will be my final year playing football. There are other things in life I want to do and my body wants me to stop as well!


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