Five Reasons why Liverpool should offer Mo Salah a new contract

Mohamed Salah is running out of contract in 2023. Both the parties want the contract to work out. Salah is happy at Liverpool and the Reds are more than happy to keep their star man in the ranks. But, the issue hovering here is money. Mo Salah is current situation and he has only got 4 years left on his deal. It is highly unlikely that the players will go for a new deal and we are all aware that clubs tend not to offer massive contracts to any player. This is where Mo Salah comes into the picture. The problem with this move was made clear when Jose Mourinho took over as manager back in 2011. He promised that no club would ever be able to sign him unless they gave themselves huge sums of money.

The main reason why Manchester City did not give themselves big money was because they were very good at bringing in world class players. They spent four seasons just trying to get Raheem Sterling from Liverpool. When it came time for them to do that, they had the best player available in Alex Olic and they kept that guy. After that season they brought him on loan and signed him for a million pounds (more than what Pep Guardiola paid to sign him). That’s money of course. And once they managed that transfer, they tried to convince Klopp to buy him for one million pounds. In addition to a lot of money, Salah also got a chance to play in every Premier League game against Liverpool.

But then City never got anywhere near signing him. As stated earlier, City were not going to pay for his wages. The first major obstacle that they faced with trying to acquire him was due to Salah’s agent Mino Raiola. To make matters worse for City, they were not willing to include an option to sell if he didn’t come cheap enough. For example, when Salah was offered 10 million euros to leave Liverpool, he turned down the offer. Instead he demanded 100million euro for his services, which obviously meant paying for him on a long-term basis. Then the negotiations ended and we know that City wanted 5.5billion euros for him. At the beginning of the process they wanted 200m euros per week or so. They could have got closer but this deal brokered by Salah’s agent was very difficult and he wanted 50m euros. He thought that it would take 10 or 15 days but as the negotiations continued the deadline passed a month before City were finally able to agree. Not even five minutes before the end of the negotiation the two sides reached an agreement and the deal was signed for 400m euros ($500m) per month plus bonuses.

It was tough for both teams and nobody was happy about this situation but City were not alone. If you watch football and you find a player who is still at your team and that player is getting paid for the rest of his career, you are not happy either. Players often look up to managers and teammates to become better and to take their skills to a higher level. Sadly for City, there was no such player, but that doesn’t mean that they were unable to try and bring down the table. What City needed to do as a side was to sign the best striker they could and hope that he can take their level of play to the next level. One way of doing this was signing Raheem Sterling but that didn’t happen so they looked around. There were other ideas such as moving Erling Haaland to Paris Saint Germain and acquiring Divock Origi from RB Leipzig. However the biggest idea that City settled on was buying Edin Dzeko from Real Madrid and taking him to Camp Nou. However after two great signings, Sergio Aguero joined Barcelona and Luis Suarez joined Napoli, City were looking at their options and they saw Raheem Sterling as someone who could take them to another level. Even with the difficulties that they were facing, City had two big targets in mind and that would have been the best thing for them since they decided to bring in Alvaro Morata and Ben Chilwell to help them stay up top.

Alvaro Morata has played with some of the best teams in La Liga and he is definitely good enough to take them places. Ben Chilwell is similar to him and he is only 24 compared to 42 years old Edin. With these additions and a squad like City, Guardiola’s team has some serious competition in the league and not just in Europe but in the UK too. These two strikers are now going through various phases in their careers and it will be interesting to see how these young men adapt to different roles come 2023. Also in 2023, we will see Salah start to make more expensive moves. Hopefully this will enable us to see his progression with the team that we love most (and that is certainly Liverpool) for quite a few more years to come.

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