Five takeaways from Week 7 in the European League of Football

We are officially at the mid-point in the 2023 European League of Football (ELF) season. There were some shocking defeats and heartwarming moments to bring it all together. Here are our takeaways from Week 7 in the ELF.

Dem boys be hittin’

Not much has changed in the last few thousand years. It’s still a fun experience when a young man delivers a thunderous hit on his opponent. This is what happened in the Fire vs Musketeers game when French defensive back Kenney Floret came down and laid the boom on young Harlan Kwofie.

The European League of Football does have a heart after all

Just before the kickoff, Frankfurt Galaxy linebacker Leó Helm took control of the mic, pulled his girlfriend down to the field and got on one knee in one of the most romantic moments of the ELF’s existence. She of course said yes.

The real question is, did he get her answer beforehand? Congratulations to Leo and his fiance!

Surge loses…to the Guards?!

The Surge vs Helvetic game was not circled on anyone’s calendar. As one of the final remaining undefeated teams in the league, it was almost a foregone conclusion that the Surge would walk all over the 1–5 Guards. So, it was pure shock and horror when tuning into the game in the fourth quarter viewers were presented with a 31–13 thrashing. 


Guards RB Silas Nacita rushed for 87 yards and 1 TD. Photo: Lars Kauz

The game was relatively square until the third quarter when the Guards began to pull away thanks to multiple Surge turnovers. Silas Nacita and Triston Noble really are becoming a troublesome duo in the rushing game along with an excellent Guards defense who have quickly leaped up the turnover table and are now one of the league’s best.

It will be a little longer before we know how good the Guards really are, but it’s added an exciting element to the Central Conference.

Can Jadrian Clark throw 60 touchdowns this season?

It’s getting a bit silly now. The Rhein Fire quarterback is averaging 4.571 touchdowns per game; he’s thrown just five picks; he’s been sacked only nine times (Matthew Vitale was sacked ten times in one game); and he’s thrown for 2295 yards. Clark is throwing a touchdown on 7.5% of all his passes.

Stats aside, Clark is having the season of his life and is on course to throw for 60 touchdowns in the regular season, nearly double what Zach Edward’s threw in his outstanding 2022 campaign.

Mid-season madness

The ELF is currently in its juiciest year to date. There are at least two teams in each conference within one win from the table leader. There have been monumental upsets, teams folding, and GMs ruthlessly cutting and signing players without a care in the world. 

The teams that comprise the ELF are here to win, no matter the cost. And we love it!

Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.