Flying Aussie & American Footballer Leads Teams to Victory

Monash Warriors QB is dual sport threat; plays two sports, two games in one afternoon


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RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A Melbourne footballer has had a whirlwind weekend playing two games of football in one day, in two different cities, for two different codes.

And he won both.

As reported on the Rumour File, a top second division eastern suburbs footballer played in his qualifying final for North Ringwood at Boronia on Saturday before jumping in a helicopter to Bendigo to win his gridiron grand final.

North Ringwood Football Club fullback and Monash Warriors quarterback Heath Decker confirmed the rumor ‘Flying Quarterback’.

He said the weekend’s shenanigans made him feel like a rockstar.

“I got a call from my (North Ringwood) coach on Thursday saying he’d like me to play most of the game if not all of it and I said ‘Well, there’s a little problem because I’ve got a championship game in Bendigo that I need to be at by 6pm’,” he told 3AW Breakfast.

“He then called me Thursday and said ‘How about we get a chopper from Boronia straight down to Bendigo … and you’ll be there just before kick-off?’.”

Heath said at three-quarter time his side was winning by 10 goals and the top full forward he was playing on had only managed to boot one goal.

“The full forward is the block that won the goal kicking this year so (he usually) kicks large bags of goals and I think he only kicked one for the day, so I kind of achieved my goal for the day,” he laughed.

Heath then jumped in the helicopter and flew straight to Bendigo, scoring a touchdown in the first two minutes of the game leading his team to a grand final victory.

“We did a little fly-by over the ground because the boys didn’t believe I was coming in by chopper,” he said.

“I managed to get changed on the sideline in front of everyone … and then I jumped on the field and, yeah, called one down the sideline for a touchdown,” he said.

The star footballer now has one week to rest before playing in the grand final for North Ringwood.


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