Follow all the action from the IFAF Asia Oceania Flag Football Championships in real time

Sports fans around the world will be able to follow stats and scores in real time from the IFAF Asia Oceania Flag Football Championships in Malaysia through the Reclub app.

The third IFAF continental tournament of 2023, and the first since flag football was confirmed as a sport to be included in the program at the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, will take place in Kuala Lumpur from October 27-29. All games across four fields at the EV Arena Shah Alam will be tracked on Reclub’s global platform with instant play-by-play updates, player stats and scores.

“As part of our efforts to ensure flag football fans, and players’ friends and families are able to follow along, we have partnered with Reclub to provide updates no matter where they might be in the world,” said Daryll Nathaniel, head of the local organizing committee. “Through Reclub we can be sure that when there is a touchdown or a pick six, the whole world can know about it instantly.”

Flag football fans wishing to stay in touch with all the action can download the Reclub app, select the IFAF Asia Oceania Flag Football Championships and join as a spectator to access the updates.

A group of 25 experienced stats keepers from Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, who have been trained by Reclub, will track the games to provide a feed that complements a live stream of games available at IFAF.TV.

“We provide a platform to enable organizations to be more efficient by having all the components of their leagues or teams in one app,” explains Reclub co-founder Luis Aloma. “All the different applications people use for registration, rosters, scores, stats, standings and assignments are all in this one app, saving everyone time and effort. It’s effective club management as we connect the flag football community wherever Reclub is active.”

An unprecedented total of 65 teams from 37 nations have committed to the biggest ever international cycle of flag football competition this year to determine which teams will travel to Lahti, Finland, for the 2024 IFAF Flag Football World Championships. India, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Thailand will represent Asia, alongside Australia and New Zealand from Oceania.