Football Canada unveils 2017 Women’s National Team roster

The dream of representing their nation at the highest level has come true for 45 of the top women’s tackle football players in Canada.

Eleven additional players were named to a reserve roster. Canada heads into the 2017 IFAF Women’s World Championship with a pair of silver medals earned at the inaugural event in 2010 as well as the 2013 installment in Finland.

The national team retains a core group of players as 13 of the 45 women on the roster competed in 2013 including Alex Black, Trina Graves and Christine O’Donnell who are set to represent Canada for a third straight Women’s World Championship.

The selection process began this past summer as aspiring national team players were identified at the Women’s National Championship in Regina and invited to attend regional selection camps held this past December in Montreal and Moose Jaw.

“I’d like to congratulate all those that took part in the selection process. It was extremely difficult to narrow down our roster to 45,” said head coach Jeff Yausie. “Women’s football continues to grow in Canada and it’s a testament to the hard work that women across the country have been putting in. The world championships represent the pinnacle of women’s tackle football and for 45, their dream is about to become a reality and for that they should be extremely proud.”

Canada is led by an experienced coaching staff that returns head coach Jeff Yausie alongside respective defensive and special teams coordinators Pierre Migner and Olivier Eddie. The duo is joined by incoming offensive coordinator, Ryan Clutterbuck. The coaching staff also returns offensive line coach Chris Hengen-Braun while former Team Canada quarterback Saadia Ashraf is set to participate in her third women’s worlds as a first-time national team coach. See: Full coaching staff

“There’s a tremendous amount of passion and experience on this coaching staff which will help as we work towards building off a silver medal in Finland. Based on what we saw at the first-ever National Championship this past summer, our team will be younger, faster and stronger.”

The host nation and location for the 2017 Women’s World Championship has yet to be named.

Now held every four years, the inaugural 2010 event took place in Stockholm, Sweden while Vantaa, Finland played host to the second installment in 2013.

Football Canada’s 2017 Women’s National Team

Name / Nom Pos. Team / Équipe
KOWALSKI, Aimee * QB/QA Regina Riot
LACASSE, Maude QB/QA Blitz de Montréal
BRICK, Cassey RB/DO Chicago Force
FRIESEN, Julene RB/DO Saskatoon Valkyries
MATHESON, Samantha RB/DO Saskatoon Valkyries
THIVIERGE, Laurence RB/DO Blitz de Montréal
AGAR, Carmen FB/CA Regina Riot
DeMERCHANT, Olivia FB/CA Capital Area Lady Gladiators
GOMES, Lisa FB/CA Calgary Rage
BRODEUR, Sonia OL/LO Blitz de Montréal
FUNK, Alyssa OL/LO Saskatoon Valkyries
GRAVES, Trina ** OL/LO Saint John Storm
HENDERSON, Tanya OL/LO Edmonton Storm
LAMMERDING, Jaime * OL/LO Saskatoon Valkyries
VIKLUND, Ashley OL/LO Regina Riot
ROBERGE, Virginie * OL/LO Blitz de Montréal
BLACK, Alex ** REC Capital Area Lady Gladiators
CHEVRIER, Annabelle REC Blitz de Montréal
DORE, Claire * REC Regina Riot
DYCK, Carly REC Saskatoon Valkyries
KOWALSKI, Alex REC Regina Riot
KISELYK, Marci * REC Saskatoon Valkyries
PONTBRIAND, Laurence * REC Blitz de Montréal
WILSON, Alicia REC Calgary Rage
HUNGLE, Katie DE/AD Regina Riot
ILELABOYE, Mubo DE/AD Winnipeg Wolfpack
IWAASA, Wendy DE/AD Lethbridge Steel
DUCHESNEAU, Joanie DT/PD Blitz de Montréal
TWIN, Sanderina DT/PD Edmonton Storm
O’DONNELL, Christine ** DT/PD Winnipeg Wolfpack
WARD, Breanne DT/PD Winnipeg Wolfpack
BÉLANGER, Émilie * LB/SEC Blitz de Montréal
BUCKLAND, Allysa LB/SEC Winnipeg Wolfpack
CHATTERTON, Kristen * LB/SEC Capital Area Lady Gladiators
FAST, Jill LB/SEC Winnipeg Wolfpack
KOUROPOULOU, Artemis LB/SEC Regina Riot
ROUSSEL, Virginie LB/SEC Blitz de Montréal
DE JONG, Shaylyn DB/DD Saskatoon Valkyries
GIROUARD, Kaitlynn DB/DD St. John Storm
GOLDSNEY, Emma DB/DD Edmonton Storm
HALLE, Emilie DB/DD Detroit Dark Angels
HENINGER, Rebeckah “Becky” DB/DD Lethbridge Steel / Calgary Rage
JANSON, Amélie DB/DD Blitz de Montréal
THOMSON, Beth * DB/DD Saskatoon Valkyries
ZUCK, Adrienne * DB/DD Regina Riot

*=signifies returning player from Canada’s 2013 Women’s National Team

**=signifies returning player from Canada’s 2013 and 2010 Women’s National Teams

Reserve Roster

Name / Nom Pos. Team / Équipe
McGOWAN, Aria QB/QA Edmonton Storm
WALTON, Erin ** FB/CA Calgary Rage
SCHNELL, Celeste OL/LO Regina Riot
BRUNET, Rose-Amélie REC Blitz de Montréal
O’DRISCOLL, Brigitte DE/AD Blitz de Montréal
MATWYCZUK, Alexa * DT/PD Manitoba Fearless
WILSON, Kendra OL/LO Saskatoon Valkyries
STARKEY, Mallory * LB/SEC Regina Riot
MYALL, Amanda DB/DD Manitoba Fearless
RUEVE, Rienna DB/DD Saskatoon Valkyries


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