Football Joined Global Community in Honoring Victims of Paris Attacks

The world stood as one this weekend when terrorists in Paris killed 129 people and left hundreds of others wounded in a series of attacks on bars, restaurants, concert halls and a stadium.

As in the days following 9/11, nationality fell away and we became one people, reaching out in whatever small way we could to let the citizens of France know they are not alone.

Millions gather each fall weekend inside NFL and college stadiums, representing as wide a cross-section of Americans as there is. So it’s no surprise that teams, schools, players, coaches and fans came together to offer their show of support for France’s lost sons and daughters.

Along with moments of silence at all NFL and college venues, here’s a sample of the heartfelt tributes paid by the football community:

USA Football - Paris 2pic-1-1

USA Football - Paris 2pic-2

USA Football - Paris 2pic-3

USA Football - Paris 2pic-4Source: USA Football – link to original article

Joe writes for USA Football.