Former Oakland Raider Jeremy Brigham guides unbeaten Rivoli Blackbills to Silver Bowl game in Italy

Former Oakland Raider and Super Bowl tight end Jeremy Brigham is excited as today his team, the Rivoli Blackbills will play for the Italian second division title, the Silver Bowl.

Brigham, who took over as head coach of the Blackbills in Italy’s Divisione 2, earlier this spring, has guided the team to a perfect 10-0 record and has them poised to win the Silver Bowl as they take on the also undefeated Reggio Emilia Hogs.

It may seem like a far cry from playing in Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003, but to Brigham, this game is just as exciting.

“I was very surprised by the passion that players bring onto the field. In America football is like a mental chess match, but here in Italy it is pure passion. It’s been a life-changing  and refreshing experience. The atmosphere is more relaxed among the players. Almost family like.”

The Blackbills will be facing a Hogs team who played in Italy’s top division four years ago before being relegated. In fact, winning the division 2 title in Italy is almost tougher than the top division as there are 24 teams in the league.

Jeremy Brigham fighting for yardage in Snow Bowl playoff game against the New England Patriots.

The Blackbills and Hogs enter the game with identical 10-0 records. The Hogs had the second best offense among the 24 teams with 354 points but the Rivoli only gave up 6.4 points a game, by far the best in Italy’s second division.

However, whatever the outcome, the season will be a success for Brigham and the Blackbills:

“This has been a great year for me and the team. They have come so far this year and I have enjoyed every minute. No matter what happens Sunday, I am proud of these players and the organization, especially the Petrone brothers for bringing me here.”





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