Four Mexican players set to debut for WNFC’s La Muerte De Las Cruces in 2021 season opener

The Women’s National Football Conference, WNFC, is a pioneering semi-professional women’s football league that kicks off the 2021 season this weekend with 20 teams from throughout the United States.

One of those teams is the La Muerte De Las Cruces from Las Cruces, New Mexico, who will open their season May 1 against the Denver Bandits at Bears Football Field in Cloud Croft, New Mexico with four Mexican players featured in their lineup.

Both the La Muerte De Las Cruces and the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) are trailblazers in their own right and both instrumental in helping the growth of women’s football.

La Muerte De Las Cruces Head Coach Billy Avalos and team captain Candace Avalos, have both been impressed with the Mexican players after seeing them at the Americas Women’s Bowl 2020 in Honduras and on visits to México.

Watch La Muerte De Las Cruces take on the Denver Bandits, Saturday, May 1 by clicking here. Kickoff is at 8 pm local (9 pm Eastern Time, 3 am Central European Time). Livestream only available in North America.

The four Mexican players include three linemen and a running back.

Alox Suárez #64

Age: 25 years

Position: OL/DL

Playing History: 8 years

México Teams: Leonas de Yucatán, Selection of the state of Yucatán – Guerreras Jaguar México 2019 & 2020

Having been chosen to play with La Muerte de las Cruces for me means a great opportunity to grow as a player and person outside of my country and away from my family. A great experience and a goal more accomplished in sport. Upon arriving at this great team, I felt at home as it is a very united, fun and welcoming team. My recruitment was through the Americas Women’s Bowl 2020 in Honduras where coach Billy and Candace observed my participation within the Guerreras Jaguar México 2020. In order to invite me to play the 2021 season in the La Muerte de las Cruces team. This incredible opportunity has been a challenge for me because it requires a lot of dedication, discipline, perseverance, passion and courage in order to earn a place on the grid. Since it is a team with a high level that has participation in a semi-professional league, something that I had never experienced.

Astrid Albert #65

Age: 18 years

Position: DL

Playing History: 4 years

México Team: Leonas de Yucatán

Being part of La Muerte De Las Cruces is a great pride for me. It makes me feel happy to have been selected for this experience at my young age. It is a great responsibility because I represent my family, my team and especially my state Yucatán. I hope to do a great performance. Playing on the team Leonas de Yucatán, the team manager Angye Trujillo promotes the players so they can play internationally. The league sends the requirements they need and our manager sends videos to select us. Fortunately I was one of those selected and today I am here playing with La Muerte De Las Cruces.

Regina Escoto #1

Age: 18 years

Position: Running Back

Playing History: 8 years

México Teams: Toros Salvajes de Chapingo, Halcones Texcoco Femenil, National Selection vs. European Warriors, Guerreras Jaguar México 2019 & 2020

I started this path since I was 10 years old and I never believed I could go that far, after representing México in the Americas Women’s Bowl 2020. I had my first approach with coach Billy Ávalos who today besides being my Head Coach has also become a great friend. At the end of February of this year he invited me to be part of his team, and after meetings on Zoom, contracts signed and airplane tickets purchased, I arrived in Las Cruces, New México. Since that day I have been living an experience that I never imagined, playing in a professional and united team, with great coaches in one of the largest and most important leagues in the world, WNFC. I feel happy and grateful for all the people who have helped me get here and who I know are following each of my steps from México. I have no choice but to show what I am capable of and help my new team get to the playoffs.

Alondra Rodríguez (Lula) #97

Age: 24 years

Position: OL (Left Tackle)

Playing History: 4 years

México Teams: Bucaneros, Panthers de Azcapotzalco, Thunder Girls, Pre-National Team 2019, Guerreras Jaguar México 2020

I am very happy and grateful to be living this great experience. Nothing has been easy in the last few months, I really sometimes have a hard time believing that I am here. In the morning I wake up and think “right, I’m not at home” but thank God and the universe, the girls make me feel like I’m really at home. I miss my mom and my sisters but I know they are happy. I especially miss my dad who I love with all my heart but I also know that wherever he is he takes care of me and is proud of me, he always has been. Thanks to my family, my coaches, my friends, God and the universe for blessing me every day with a new opportunity to be better.

The Facebook profile of the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) states:
The Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) is high-quality women’s football-fueled by passion and a plan to ultimately deliver professional women’s tackle football to the world. Players in the WNFC are offered state-of-the-art protection on the field and ample opportunities off it through partnerships and alliances developed by the WNFC leadership team. Co-Founded by former NFL Coaching Intern/Team USA Gold Medalist Odessa Jenkins.

With the next Americas Women’s Bowl 2022 being hosted in Merida, Yucatán, México, it will be an optimal time for more Mexican players to showcase their talent to international prospects. The Bowl will be held from March 25th – 27th. The four inaugural Bowl teams from Costa Rica, Honduras, USA and México have already confirmed their participation. The Bowl is open to all remaining countries in the Americas regardless of Federation or Association status. The Bowl is an independent initiative organized by women for women with the philosophy of; United Together! Win Together!

For more information about the Americas Women’s Bowl 2022, you can visit the Americas Women’s Bowl 2022 official Facebook profile. Or if your country is interested to participate you can email [email protected] to request an official invitation with participation conditions.

Americas Women’s Bowl 2022 – Website in Progress

Americas Women’s Bowl 2020

Watch La Muerte De Las Cruces take on the Denver Bandits, Saturday, May 1 by clicking here. Kickoff is at 8 pm local (9 pm Eastern Time, 3 am Central European Time). Livestream only available in North America.

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