France: Conference B week 7 preview: Rising stars Toulouse Ours take on Marseille Blue Stars in key matchup

This weekend the French D1 Elite Championship league approaches its final stretch this weekend with three games on tap.

One of the key matchups in Conference B will be the undefeated Marseille Blue Stars going up against the red-hot Toulouse Ours. Elsewhere, the Catalans Grizzlys will pay a visit to Montpellier to play the Hurricanes. Finally, the Aix Argonautes will be looking for win #3 when they host the Grenoble Centaures.

Grenoble Centaures 1-5 @ Aix en Provence Argonautes 3-1-2

The first game of week 7 in Conference B is the Aix Argonautes and the Grenoble Centaures.

The Centaures have not had the season they would have wanted, picking up their only win against a winless Hurricanes squad. After initially showing some promise in some close losses, they have struggled to bounce back from their 48-0 defeat at the hands of the Blue Stars.

On the other side of the ball is an Argonautes side who seem to be unsure of themselves. They have at times looked like a playoff contender, dispatching opponents with their high-powered offense, but at other times looked like a team crumbling under the pressure of expectation.

After their frustrating 41-41 draw with Toulouse last week, the Argonautes will undoubtedly be looking at this game as a chance to gain some lost momentum and rejuvenate themselves for a playoff run in the back end of the season.

Toulouse Ours 3-1-1 @ Marseille Blue Stars 6-0

Dominance is the word that best describes the Marseille Blue Stars’ season so far.

Outside of a tight game with the Grizzlys two weeks ago, Marseille has dispatched all opponents with ease. Quarterback Kaleb Scott has taken the offense from strength to strength averaging over 250 yards per game. But it’s not just the arm of Scott that’s been leading the Blue Stars to victory. Defenders such as Fayade Said and Eddy Abdullah are currently leading the league in both sacks and tackles respectively.

Toulouse may be the dark horse this week. They showed last week that they could sling it with the best of them, offering fans a thrilling 41-41 draw against the high-powered Argonautes.

Toulouse are not the same team that the Blue Stars faced in week 2. But whether or not they have improved enough to take down league favorites is another question entirely.

Montpellier MFA Hurricanes 0-6 @ St-Laurent de la Salanque Grizzlys 4-2

The first contest in Conference B this weekend will see the 4-2 Grizzlys face off against the deceptive 0-6 Hurricanes.

Grizzlys quarterback Jacob Purichia is in dominant form as he continues to lead the league in passing. His 300-yard and four-touchdown performance last week against the Centaures was just a regular day at the office for the young Indianapolis native. 

The Hurricanes, on the other hand, have had a frustrating start to the season to say the least. Half of their losses, including their first meeting with the Grizzlys, have been by just one score. With little to play for, the Hurricanes will undoubtedly come out swinging. With just a three-point scoreline deciding the first contest, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out with the win this weekend.


Daniel Mackenzie is a Press Association graduate who works in journalism and communications in the third sector. Daniel began playing football for the London Warriors and Team Great Britain and has since played across Europe.