France: Defense a key factor for Asniéres sur Seine Molosses’ unbeaten form

The Asniéres sur Seine Molosses have opened the season in France in hard-nosed fashion with two solid defensive victories and a tie. They are allowing opponents a mere three points a game and this past weekend played the Amiens Spartiates to a 0-0 tie.

Two weeks ago, the Molosses surprised the defending champions, the La Courneuve Flash, holding them to a safety in beating them 9-2.

In that game, the Flash were only able to gain a total of 73 yards in offense, 66 on the ground, seven (!) in the air.

In other words, defense comes first for the Paris-based Molosses.

Molosses defensive coordinator Arnaud Mboutcha spoke about his team’s stunning win over the Flash.

“Despite the victory, the offense still did not seem ready.”

Anna Schneider

The defensive coordinator emphasized that they did everything they could to stop the opponent’s running game.

“We did not want to put a special meaning on this game, it was an ordinary game and we just did everything to win. Our plan was to shut down the Flash’s running game. The running game was not efficient; the Flash put their hopes on their young quarterback, Francois Bremond who should take risks. The plan was successful because we made four interceptions and one pick 6. After a lot of change during the offseason I consider ourselves a young team but ambitious because we are aiming for the title. We have all our chances if we can put a lot of effort in it.”

 Although football is a team sport, defensive back Amir Kilani can be highlighted after making a good debut in his new squad. Kilani became champions with the Flash last year but decided to sign with the Molosses where –it seems– he could fit in quite easily. He also became a decisive factor against his former team by making four tackles during the game. All three games were important for them, but Kilani talked about the match-up against the Flash.

“Last season I was champions with the Flash but it is over. Now I do not consider myself as a champion, it is a new year and a new team. I prepared for this game like all the others, nothing special. We did not take point on this game and our objective is to become the best defense in the country. Game after game we try to put our offense in the best position. Last year Molosses went into semi-finales and made a great game against the Black Panthers. This season, we are all working to become champions.”

 After three games the Molosses are second in the Northern Conference of the French First League scoring 29 points and conceding only 9 points.

László Makranczi is a radio reporter, announcer and American Football journalist in Hungary. He lives in Debrecen and works for the Hungarian American Football Federation. Studied at the University of Debrecen, got a master’s degree in American