France: WR Nicolas Cremer among best performers despite Rouen Leopards slow start

Although the Rouen Leopards are 0-2-1 after three rounds in the French Elite League, one player is putting up outstanding numbers.

The Leopards may have had a sloppy start to the season and are still without a win, wide receiver Nicolas Cremer has gained great attention by being the leading figure of the offense. Rouen’s aerial attack suits the Strasbourg-born receiver. After three games, he is among the top performers in the league with 322 yards and two touchdowns. Cremer spent one year in Canada as well, which proved to be very useful in developing his skills.

Photo: Angie Picard

American Football International: The team’s performance is not the best yet but you are among the best receivers in the league. What is behind your great performance?

Nicolas Cremer: I went to Canada to play in Division 1 at the Cegep of Lévis-Lauzon last year. I learned a lot there, the trainings that we had during the course of the year and especially the coaches taught me a lot of things. It was a great experience!

AFI: Do you feel comfortable in this system?

N.C.: Yes, I feel very good. We have a basic style of play and simple offense. We simulate different phases of games during the training to avoid a maximum of error in the games. In addition, we have an American quarterback who has a great arm.

Photo: Angie Picard

AFI: Is the offense based on mainly the receiving game or how would you describe it?

N.C.: Our game is mainly oriented towards the aerial game thanks to our American import and also because we have a good group of receivers. We do not forget our running backs, who are always there to move us forward, when we need it and to protect our quarterback.

AFI: What do you think the team needs to improve in?

N.C.: The team had a difficult last year due to many players departing including the Americans. We found ourselves with a rather small staff like many other league teams; moreover, we are still young in this competition. We progress slowly but surely, we adapt, we work as hard as we can. We will give our best to stay in Division 1 next year.

Photo: Angie Picard

AFI: Do you think the team can climb up the table?

N.C.: Yes, it is obvious that we have the ability to climb up the standings, especially this year. We know very well that the other teams in the league also have some difficulties in terms of players. As our head coach Sven said, “the group lives well” we have to find our rhythm and impose our game during the matches step by step. We will catch up. There are 10 rounds in the championship and we are only fifth.

László Makranczi is a radio reporter, announcer and American Football journalist in Hungary. He lives in Debrecen and works for the Hungarian American Football Federation. Studied at the University of Debrecen, got a master’s degree in American