ELF: Frankfurt Galaxy get by Milano Seamen to stay in playoff contention

By Michael Voitek

The Frankfurt Galaxy found themselves in an offensive battle against the Milano Seamen but scored late to come away with an important 40-33 victory in the sixth week of European League of Football action.

With the win, the Galaxy improve their record to 4-1 and stay in contention in the tough Western Conference. The Seamen continued the tough start to their season and fell to 1-4.

The first half of this game went back and forth with each team battling for the lead. Down 6-7, early in the first quarter, Seamen quarterback Luke Zahradka found wide receiver Marian Cebotaru for a fantastic leaping catch in the end zone.

The Seamen would add a 53-yard field goal by kicker Matteo Felli (4/5 on the day – good from 34, 21, 53, 32) before the Galaxy went on a 14-0 run to end the first half.

In his third start for the Galaxy, Steve Cluley was able to exploit a Milano Seamen defense that tried to play a lot of single high and cover zero coverages. The Frankfurt quarterback continued to throw the ball deep throughout the game with some fairly good results.

Photo: Sergio Bisi

The second half of the game was much like the first half with both teams jostling for a lead. The Seamen struck first with a nice screen play to Ali Khalife, making his return from an injury this week, for a touchdown. With the score 23-20, the Galaxy would not stop attacking the air with Cluley finding Nico Strahmann for Strahmann’s third touchdown of the game, but the Seamen would not fade away. Down 33-23, Zahradka found Jean Constant for a long bomb 59-yard touchdown, making it a field goal game. The Galaxy would take the ball down the field, grinding for each yard before a fourth and one running back dive play, that appeared to be a first down. The Milano Seamen threw a challenge flag on the play, and what a genius call it was because the play was overturned and the Seamen took possession. Milano then drove down the field and booted a field goal to tie it.

The game came down to Steve Cluley and the struggles of the Milano Seamen’s defensive backfield. Cluley found Reece Horn for a long ball first down and then, the man of the match, Nico Strahmann would pull in his fourth touchdown of the game putting the Galaxy in front for good, 40-33.

What a game for the only game airing on Saturday!

The Seamen will have to rebound in week 7 in a must win against the Munich Ravens. The Galaxy will look to keep their four-game winning streak going when they face Western Conference rival, the Hamburg Sea Devils. We’re getting into must win territory for a lot of teams heading into week seven, making these games all the more interesting (which is hard to believe).

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