Fun Football Facts

Are you a football fan? Then you’ll love these fun football facts! Football is one of America’s favorite sports, and it has been around for over 100 years. From the early days of leather helmets to today’s modern game with all its technology, the sport continues to evolve and bring joy to millions of people each year. Did you know that some teams have never changed their names since they were first established? Or that college players can be drafted from other countries? Here are some amazing facts about NFL football that will surprise even the most die-hard fans!

The New York Jets have never beaten the Philadelphia Eagles

The New York Jets have never beaten the Philadelphia Eagles, and this is a record that has lasted since the team’s first meeting in 1973. Since then, the Eagles have maintained an incredible 12-0 winning streak over the Jets. The two teams have met a total of 12 times in their history, and not once has the Jets managed to get the better of their cross-state rivals.

This impressive streak is not only one of the longest in NFL history, but it also puts into perspective just how dominant the Eagles have been against the Jets.

The longest NFL game ever was played in 1971

In 1971, the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs went toe-to-toe in what would be the longest NFL game ever. The two teams battled it out for a total of 82 minutes and 40 seconds, culminating with a dramatic field goal by Garo Yepremian to secure the win for Miami.

The game spanned four quarters plus an overtime period, making it one of the most exciting and exhausting games in NFL history. To this day, it remains the longest professional football contest ever played.

An NFL Kicker Once Won the MVP

Mark Moseley was an NFL kicker who made history in 1982 when he became the first and only kicker to win the MVP award. Moseley played for the Washington Redskins at the time and had a career-best season, converting on all but one of his field goal attempts. His consistent kicking helped propel the Redskins to an impressive 8–1 record in conference play, clinching them a berth in the playoffs.

The strike-shortened season created an utterly strange situation where a kicker of all people would win MVP in the nine games he played. This truly amazing feat is one of the most unlikely events to ever occur in NFL history, making it an amazing fact for all football fans!

Ohio State Has the Biggest College Fanbase

According to Sports Illustrated, the Ohio State Buckeyes have the biggest college football fanbase in the United States. This comes as no surprise, given that the Buckeyes are one of the most successful programs in college football history. The team has won eight national championships and produced dozens of NFL stars, making it a fan favorite for generations.

The Ohio State fanbase stretches across the entire country and continues to grow each year. The passionate fans create an electric atmosphere at home games, making them some of the best-attended events in all of college sports. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s hard to deny just how impressive this feat is when compared to other universities around the nation.

Ohio is a gigantic football state in general, with the Bengals playing there. The Ohio sports betting market is huge, with its residents spending millions of dollars each year on NFL and college football.

The Super Bowl Wasn’t called the Super Bowl Originally

Originally, the Super Bowl was just called the NFL-AFL Championship Game. It was only after Lamar Hunt, the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, coined the term “Super Bowl” that it became the name we know and love today.

As time went on, the Super Bowl grew in importance and popularity, and eventually, it was decided that the new name would become official.

The Super Bowl is one of the most important events in all of sports, and it’s amazing to think that it started as just a simple championship game with no real fanfare. Now, it’s one of the most watched sporting events in the world and has become synonymous with American culture.

And with sports betting now growing rapidly in the United States, the Super Bowl has also become the most wagered on event on the US sports calendar.

American sportsbooks have been quick to pounce on the opportunities presented by the big game, using the Super Bowl platform to promote their features and best NFL betting offers.

Television advertising during the Super Bowl doesn’t come cheap! In fact, the event commands the most expensive advert rates on US TV.


These fun football facts highlight the amazing history of the NFL, as well as the impact that individual players and teams have had on the game. From impressive streaks to unlikely MVPs and even an unusual name change, these facts give us a glimpse into some of the most memorable moments in American sports history. Whether or not you’re a fan of football, these facts are sure to impress and provide an interesting look at how much this sport has changed over time. So next time you’re watching a game, be sure to keep these wild stories in mind!

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