All About the Game of American Football

One of the most popular competitive sports in the United States of America is American football. It is also commonly referred to as ‘tackle football’ or ‘gridiron’. The game is thrilling to watch and play because it has the perfect combination of physical play and strategy between two competing teams. Teams score points by hitting the ball in the goal post of the opposite team.

The general strategy of the game is to pass the ball between team members by either running with it or passing it to another team member. There are a number of ways in which a team can score points. The winner is the team with the highest number of points in the game when time runs out for the given match.

Although American football has a striking resemblance to Canadian football, both games have marked differences. In America, football can be divided into various levels such as high school football, college football, and professional football. Each of these games have their own rules. The professional American football team is known as the “National Football League.”

American football isn’t only popular in the Unites States, however. The sport is well-liked in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Israel, Austria, and various nations of the Pacific Island. American Football is controlled by the International Federation of American Football over the five continents that the game is played in.

The history of the game dates back to the very earlier forms of rugby football and association football. It can be said that American football was developed with several variations in the rugby football game, and the changes in rules were formulated by Walter Camp who is referred to as the “Father of American Football.”

Professional football wasn’t introduced until 1892, however. The Ohio League was formed in 1903 and is considered as the foremost professional ‘League’. The American Professional Football Association came into existence in 1920 and had its name changed to the National Football League, or more commonly known as the NFL, after some years.

When playing football, the field must be 360 by 160 feet. The scoring area in the game is referred to as the “end zone”. The game begins with the toss of a coin that determines which team gets to choose. The game is broken up into four 15-minute quarters with an intermission of twelve minutes after the second quarter of the game is over.

Players can move the ball to their scoring zones by either running with the ball in their hand, called rushing, or by throwing the ball to a teammate. American football has grown to be a major element of American life, just like the American lottery has. Just like how other countries around the world can play and enjoy American football, one can also enjoy playing the American lottery from their own countries.

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