Garren Holley Signs As New HC For Germany’s Munich Cowboys

The Munich Cowboys have signed Garren Holley as their new head coach for the 2017 season. With this, the Cowboys are returning to their past as this is Holley’s third stint with the team. He served as defensive coordinator for Munich in both 2013 and 2014. Both years, the Cowboys made the playoffs and in 2013, the defense was ranked third overall in the league and in the top five in every major defensive category.

Holley spent the 2015 as defensive coordinator for the Wasa Royals in Finland. He served as  the defensive backs coach at Presentation College Aberdeen, in South Dakota in both 2015 and 2016.

The former Missouri Valley College defensive standout and native of St. Louis Missouri also served as defensive backs coach at Minot State University in North Dakota.

American Football International caught up with Garren to find out how he ended up signing with the Munich Cowboys.

American Football International: What brought you back to Europe and the Munich Cowboys?
Garren Holley: Honestly, once you coach in Europe returning is always on your mind. I have had many teams reach-out to me about returning, but you really have to make sure it will be the right situation. Coming off having the best season in school history at Presentation College, it was a tough decision to leave. I felt getting the experience as a Head Coach at this point in my career is the best move. Having familiarity and trust within the Munich Cowboys organization, played a huge role as well.

AFI: You have been a defensive coordinator with Munich and Finland’s Wasa Royals but now you are taking on the head coaches role. How much of a change will that be for you?
Holley: I don’t see it being a huge change. Obviously there are more duties that I will be involved in, I have been fortunate enough in my career to have head coaches that I was able learn and observe from about managing the duties outside of the x’s and o’s.

AFI: Have you had a chance to decide on an offense?
Holley: Yes, we have hired Spencer Wood as our OC. We will look to spread teams out and take advantage of the match-ups. We have the best German RB in the GFL, Fabien Gartner.

AFI: What are you looking forward to achieving?
Holley: At the end of the day you have to win and wins will come, I have no doubt in that. But what I am looking to achieve is, starting to put in place the building blocks to take this program to the next level, of not just a team that can finish as a playoff contender, but a legitimate German Bowl contender. You look at the New Yorker Lions, Frankfurt Universe, Schwaibisch Hall Unicorns, and the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes. They didn’t just rise to the level they are over night. It’s starts with doing the little things right and trusting in the process.

AFI: What foods are you looking forward to in Germany?
Holley: That’s a good question, probably the schweinshaxn and schnitzel mit pommes.

AFI: Have you been working on your German?
Holley: It’s pretty rusty now, I was getting pretty fluent in my last go around in Munich, but I’m working on it.

AFI: You are a college recruiter. Have you started to use those skills for the Cowboys?
Holley: Yes, as soon as I took the job myself and Tarik Ibrahim our GM as well as other members of the organization and coaching staff, have been full steam ahead on recruiting. I am definitely looking to take a different approach to recruiting than most teams. Recruiting is something I love to do and have a true passion for.

AFI: When will you arrive in Germany?
Holley: I arrive in Munich January 15th.

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