Brazilian Ameican Football: Gaúcho Classic of Liga Nacional

Saturday September 6th, Porto Alegre Pumpkins host the Santa Maria Soldiers in Week 3 of the National League or Liga Nacional. The Gaúcho Classic marks the second meeting between the teams in the 2014 season’s showdown will be at 1 p.m.Brasília, 12 p.m. EST in Canoas, Brasilia.

In the first clash, Soldiers came away with the victory. Santa Maria beat their rivals by 15-9 in a game at Gaúcho State Championship.

The Pumpkins made ​​their debut in the League with defeat to Itapema White Sharks in Santa Catarina. The attack squad led by Antonio Freire wants to erase memories of the team’s only two losses in the year and seek dreamed rating for the playoffs.

“Our team needs to win to stay alive, and the Soldiers definitely will not want to leave the competition without winning a game. There is a great rivalry between the two teams and our group is still with the defeat of the first half stuck in the throat, surely everyone will do their best for that in this game the story is different”, said the quarterback # 3 of Pumpkins, Antonio Freire .

The players believes that the home field advantage factor is a key factor to bring victory to Porto Alegre.

“The Pumpkins today is much better than the Pumpkins a few months ago. Also, we play at home, with our fans, which is an advantage”, said Freire.

But the roster of Santa Maria desperately needs a win to go with chances to go to the second round for the first time in history. The team is coming off two straight defeats in the competition, a lost for Itapema White Sharks and Foz do Iguaçu Black Sharks.

“I hope to be a very tight game as both teams need rehabilitation. That alone would be enough, but it is worth the Pampa classics by the National League. We really want to win and we know that playing against Pumpkins out is complicated. It is set to be decided by one possession. Our motivation is to win. Play a game of American football is an amazing feeling. But few things in life are equal to winning. And when it comes to winning a classic, maybe there’s nothing like it”, told the G # 79 Jean Felipe Ibaldo.


Journalist at Futebol Americano Brasil and American Football International. Post graduated in Digital Journalism at Famecos/PUCRS. Former multimedia producer of Locast Project MIT/USA. Former player of Porto Alegre Pumpkins.