George Contreras ready to ship football unis anywhere in the world they are needed

Never let it be said that George Contreras would be a quiet retiree.

After “stepping away” from coaching football in Europe two years ago, following 12 seasons crisscrossing the continent, Contreras continues to make his mark in the game. Back home in California, although he may not be patrolling the sidelines, he is making a difference.

When local high schools need to unload used jerseys and pants, Contreras steps up, filling his garage with clothing and finding suitable, faraway destinations, such as, most recently, Spain.

“I have already shipped 185 jerseys and 70 pants to two D-III clubs in Spain, but it is barely a dent in what has invaded our garage.”

With a continuing abundance of football gear arriving, Contreras has turned to AFI to spread the word.

“The HC at a local high school recently donated literally hundreds of game jerseys and game pants that would make excellent practice gear or possibly “alternate” game uniforms.”

So, whether the club is in Spain or Morocco, Romania or South Africa, Indonesia or Panama, Contreras will provide their jerseys and pants free of charge apart from shipping. He has set up a system. If a club wants the clothing, they simply send him the money for shipping.

1. A shipping box ($3.50 USD)
2. A roll of duct tape (5.00 USD) to secure the contents of the box
3. The shipping cost via the U.S. Postal System which depends on the weight of the box.

“I recently shipped a box of 34 jerseys and 34 matching pants to a team in Spain for an average total cost of $5.20 USD or 5.60€ per pant or jersey.”

If you, or a team/club you know, wants to get ready for the 2022 season with “new” uniforms and pants, simply reach out to George Contreras on Facebook Messenger.

If anyone needs confirmation, contact Alejandro Altisent of the Guadalajara Stings or Oscar Herbera Sánchez of the Ibi Industriales.

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