German Bowl XLI: Head to Head Analysis – Wide Receivers will be a key

German Bowl XLI will be a stark contrast in offensive styles as the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns and Braunschweig New Yorker Lions get set to battle for the fifth time in six years to decide the German Football League title.

While the Lions rely heavily on their running game, Schwäbisch Hall has a pass first approach.

With a passing offense ranked fourth overall in the league and receivers who include Tyler Rutenbeck (1,275 yds/21 TDs) and Nate Robitaille (1,317 yds/18 TDs), the Unicorns have racked up 4,484 yards in the air in 2019. Robitaille was the 3rd leading receiver in Germany this season and Rutenbeck 6th. Schwäbisch Hall scored 57 touchdowns through the air, far and away best in the league. Towering Aurieus Adegbesan, who at 6’9″ presents the Braunschweig secondary with definite matchup problems, is a wild card in this game.

Braunschweig, on the other hand, is definitely a run-first team with their leading receivers, Christian Bollmann and Nicolai Schumann well back in terms of receiving yardage. Bollmann did not get as many passes thrown his way but still led Braunschweig with 598 yards on 36 receptions. Schumann was second for the Lions with 476 yards.  The duo, along with teammates Micky Kyei and Jan Hilgenfeldt, give Connette reliable targets. Interestingly, the Lions also use a tight end, Robin Sebeille, who may not catch many footballs but provides excellent blocking.

The edge here definitely goes to the Unicorns,



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