German Football League planning for fall schedule

The American Football Federation of Germany, AFVD (American Football Verband Deutschland), has announced that there will be a German Football League season in 2020.

The starting date for the GFL season is set for September 5/6 and the aim is for it to run through into November. However, the German Bowl could be moved to November 14 if the GFL plays on those weekends left vacant by the German soccer league.

Details about schedules, grouping, etc. can’t be determined before GFL teams have had time to discuss and approve them. Discussions with the 16 clubs that make up Germany’s top league, arguably the best in Europe, will take place and the clubs will have until the end of May to decide if they wish to participate. But starting on September 5/6 and running until November 14 allows for an 11 week season, which is about half of a normal season.

The German government lockdowns are set to be lifted on June 4 if not earlier. However, there is no date set yet as to when the government will make the final decision.

Carsten Dalkowski, Chairman of the GFL:

“Clubs and leagues, especially the GFL, will do everything possible to ensure that the players who want to play can do so this year.”

In 2021, all clubs will play in the leagues for which they were entitled to play in 2020. There will be no relegation from the GFL to GFL2 (lower division). However, the winners of the GFL2 will have the option of advancing to the GFL.

According to the release, “the Medical Commission of the AFVD will play a key role related to the infection protection of all participants.”


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