German Football League South kicks off 2024 season

The German Football League kicks off the 2024 season this weekend after a long eventful off-season. This year the GFL South will consist of seven teams with the Kirchdorf Wildcats returning after a four-year absence.

After 11 years without regular season games between the North and South, last year the GFL had each team play an opponent from the opposing conference twice. The experiment was a success and continues this year with the highlight being a 2023 German Bowl rematch between the Potsdam Royals and Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns who square off on July 13.

Appearing in 10 of the last 11 German Bowls, the Unicorns are yet to be knocked off the top of the GFL South. They have won five German titles. They will be the team to beat in the GFL South – again.

Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns: 2023 Record 11-4. German Bowl Runner ups.

The Unicorns finished the 2023 season on a roll after losing two of their first three games. They won 10 of their next 11 games to reach the German Bowl for the ninth straight time ultimately losing to the Potsdam Royals. They remain the favorites to win the GFL South.

 Allgäu Comets: 2023 Record 10-4. Quarterfinalists

The Comets won eight of their first nine games last year but faltered down the home stretch dropping two of their last three. Still, they reached the quarterfinals but lost in a heartbreaker to Braunschweig. They will again be in the running.

 Saarland Hurricanes: 2023 Record 9-4. Quarterfinalists

Saarland were the surprise of the GFL South last season improving from 4-6 in2022 to a 9-3 record. They had the top offense in the GFL South and third best in the league. Expect the Hurricanes to battle for a playoff spot again this year.

 Munich Cowboys: 2023 Record 3-9. 5th place

The Cowboys were the disappointment of the GFL South in 2023. They won only three games of the 12 after losing only one in 2022. They will need a strong start to reestablish themselves in 2024.

 Straubing Spiders: 2023 Record 3-9. 6th place

The Spiders struggled throughout the season in 2023 and were fortunate to have the Marburg Mercenaries and Ravensburg Razorbacks behind them.

Ravensburg Razorbacks: 2023 Record 2-10. 8th place

The Razorbacks finished last in the GFL South last year with a 2-10 record and would have been relegated were it not for the fact that the Marburg Mercenaries withdrew for the league. Since arriving in the top league in 2021 they have won just eight of 32 games with five of those in 2021. This could be another tough season.

Kirchdorf Wildcats: 2023 Record in GFL2 9-1 – Promoted to GFL

Kirchdorf returns to the German Football League after a four year absence. They have been a dominant force in the GFL2 and could well surprise this season.

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