German Japan Bowl II; Japan dominates 38-0

Japan dominates 38-0 in international powerhouse match-up!

Japan underlined its status as top dog outside North America with a comprehensive 38-0 win over Germany in Kawasaki on Saturday.

The main European powerhouse kept the game within reach until the fourth quarter but its offense had no answer for a Japanese D-line that harried and harassed quarterbacks Ehrenfried and Friese all game.. Unable to get anything going on the ground, Germany strangely chose not to exploit its receivers height advantage early on instead going with the read option and quick slants.

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That strategy was never going to work against a faster and younger (39 of 45 Japanese players were under thirty) defense.

Whenever it seemed like Germany might get something going, penalties, fumbles or dropped balls derailed drives.

Japan on the other hand had no trouble moving the ball, marching down the field on its first possession in nine plays and scoring on a six yard Sugawara pass to wideout Naoki Maeda.

Team Nippon could have put the game away early but botched snaps on their next two drives meant they had to settle for a 14-0 half time lead after a Kato to Hagiyama TD pass midway through the second quarter.

Germany played better at the start of the second half but Japan’s front seven were winning individual battles all along the line and a huge sack on third down inside the red zone by defensive end Yo Okamoto put paid to Germany’s only real scoring chance of the game.


In the fourth quarter, down 24 points Germany had no option but to pass on almost every play. With the offensive line visibly tired and unable to stem the waves of white jerseys crashing through the subsequent hurried efforts were easy pickings for Japan’s secondary. Two interceptions were followed by quick touchdowns as Japan made sure the score more closely reflected its dominance throughout.

Japan wins 38-0 over Germany.

John Gunning is a Tokyo based sports writer. He is a sumo commentator for NHK and covers MMA and American football for national and international publications.