Germany announces 2021 schedule

The German Football League, GFL, has announced a slight regrouping of the league and a shortened schedule for the 2021 season.

After the coronavirus pandemic forced the cancelation of the 2020 season, the GFL, like football leagues throughout the world, has had to adjust.

Jörg Dreßler, head of game operations for the GFL land also responsible for preparing the schedule together with German American Football Federation Vice President Jan Bublitz:

“That was no easy task. Corona presented us with a few new challenges, which we also see as an opportunity. We are forced to go new ways and can gain experience that can be helpful for the future after the pandemic.”

The GFL has been reduced from 16 to 14 teams in North and South Groups:

GFL North Group

Division 1
Berlin Rebels
Braunschweig NewYorker Lions
Cologne Crocodiles

Division 2
Dresden Monarchs
Kiel Baltic Hurricanes
Potsdam Royals

GFL South Group

Division 1
Allgäu Comets
Frankfurt Universe
Marburg Mercenaries
Munich Cowboys

Division 2
Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
Stuttgart Scorpions
Ravensburg Razorbacks
*Saarland Hurricanes

The teams will play a 10 game regular season schedule stretching from June 5/6 to October 9 when the German Bowl is proposed to be held in Frankfurt.

The groups will be divided into two divisions each for the purposes of reducing travel costs. Each team will play a home and away game against opponents in their own division and one game against teams from the other division within the group.

GFL Schedule. Click the arrows to move up and down.

Germany - 2021 - GFL schedule

Playoffs will be determined more or less as in previous years with the the team that finishes first in one group facing the fourth place team in the other group. For instance, the first place team in GLF North will face GFL South #4, GFL North #2 will play GFL South #3 and so on.

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