Germany: Cologne Crocodiles QB Christian Strong leading a team with a championship on its mind

After returning to the German Football League in 2017 following 14 years away, the Cologne Crocodiles are now one win away from making their first German Bowl appearance since 2000 and are hoping to get their second championship as a franchise.

This weekend, they will face their GFL North rivals, the undefeated Potsdam Royals in the semifinals.

For the first time since their original stint in the GFL, Cologne has a positive point differential (the third best in the league) with +143 and they also had a knack for still remaining competitive in their games even until the end.

The reason behind this has been their offense, which is ranked as the second best in the North and the third best scoring offense in the league. These statistical milestones include touchdowns (59), points (429) and points per game (38.2).

The man leading the charge for them has been quarterback Christian Strong. This pocket passer from Brampton, Ontario is in his second season with the Crocodiles and his third overall in the GFL and is now aiming to get his squad to the mountain top in Frankfurt for the German Bowl.

He has been one of the league’s best players this season, leading the league in completions with 248. Strong is near the top of the leaderboards when it came to quarterback statistics such as passing yards (3,001), passing touchdowns (35) and completion percentage (71.9).

The reason behind his very high completions number is because as a rushing unit, the Crocodiles were ranked rather average compared to the rest of the league, sitting at 12th overall.

Nevertheless, with his excellent play at quarterback, and having the best wide receiver duo in the GFL to throw to in Aaron Jackson and Jarvis McClam, Strong and the rest of the Crocodiles think they’re ready to shock the country and upset the undefeated Royals.

A recent graduate of Hofstra University in New York. He is currently a sports freelance journalist and podcaster