Germany: Samsung Frankfurt Universe sign QB Dan Collins; arrives from Buffalo Bills minicamp

New signal-caller arrives from Buffalo Bills mini-camp and the University of Maine

With the loss of starting quarterback Mike Wegzyn to injury, the Frankfurt Universe wasted no time and have signed Daniel Collins from the University of Maine (NCAA Div. I). The 6’3″, 215 lb 23 year old Collins had just finished minicamp with the Buffalo Bills.

In his senior year at Maine (2016), he threw for 2,375 yards and 18 touchdowns.

The Samsung Frankfurt Universe interviewed Collins about how he found his way from Buffalo to Frankfurt and his 2017 German Football League adventure.

Everything went seemed to move very quickly and you are now a member of the Frankfurt Universe. How did you come to sign with Frankfurt?

Collins: “When I preparing for the NFL, some coaches contacted me and told me to create a profile on Europlayers. Through this account and Facebook, I was contacted by some teams. And one night, when I came home from training with the Bills, I had a message from Frankfurt Universe on my computer. The coaches had written to me and described the situation why they absolutely needed me. I immediately agreed, the rest is history! ”

Had you ever heard of Samsung Frankfurt Universe or European American football before?

Collins: “I have already researched a little about the European leagues during my time at college, and of course I came across Frankfurt as well. I can not wait to play football and get to know the team and the fans. ”

As already mentioned you were still in the training camp of the Buffalo Bills until a few days ago. What do you think are things or skills that are still missing for you to be a NFL quarterback?

Collins: “The days with the Bills were incredible. I have realized that all these players are the absolute best in what they do. They are constantly improving and perfecting their abilities. Personally, I believe I am not the best player I could ever be, so I will continue to work hard to reach that level at some point. ”

What have you set goals for the coming season, both personally and with the team?

Collins: “I want to play every game at the limit and use my skills and lead the team to a great season. As a team, we want to win titles! ”

Finally, a few words to the fans of the “Men in Purple”?

Collins: “I have already spoken to some of my new team colleagues and everyone is enthusiastic about the fans and the conditions in Frankfurt. I’m kinda ready to play football again and I want you all to come to the stadium to watch us. I promise you, together we will have a lot of fun. Go Universe!”

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