Germany: GFL South set for season start

After a two year absence due to COVID-19, the German Football League returns to the field this weekend.

The 14 team GFL, is split, as usual, into two divisions, GFL North and GFL South, but now there are two conferences within each division. Today we’ll take a look at South 1 and South 2.

South 1 is comprised of the following teams: Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, Stuttgart Scorpions, Saarland Hurricanes and Ravensburg Razorbacks.

South 2 has four teams as well: Marburg Mercenaries, Munich Cowboys, Frankfurt Universe and Allgäu Comets.

The Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns won the GFL South in 2019 and went on to play in the German Bowl where they lost to the Branschweig New Yorker Lions. The Frankfurt Universe finished second in the division and made it to the semifinal round where they were also defeated by the New Yorker Lions. There are two newcomers to the division, the Saarland Hurricanes and Ravensburg Razorbacks, while the Kirchdorf Wildcats were relegated to GFL2 after losing to the Razorbacks in a two-game series.

GFL South 1

Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns: 2019 – 16-1 – 1st place – reached German Bowl

Head Coach: Jordan Neuman, 5th season.

Key Returning Players: LB Nick Alfieri (USA/Italy Georgetown NCAA D1 FCS), DB Cody Pastorino (USA/Italy), Devin Benton (USA veteran), WR Tyler Rutenbeck (USA), OL Lukas Maier (German), OL Allessandro Vergani (Italy).

Key Additions: RB John Santiago (USA North Dakota State NCAA D1 FCS XFL Seattle Dragons), DB Montez Lattimore (Central Missouri NCAA D2, Helsinki Roosters), WR Yannick Mayr (Austria, Dacia Vienna Vikings), DE Corey Chapman (USA Stuttgart Scorpions), WR Moritz Böhringer (Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bengals), QB Alexander Haupert (German National Team, Saarland Hurricanes).

Stuttgart Scorpions: 2019 record: 6-9 – 4th place – reached quarterfinals

Head Coach: Jeff Scurran (1st year)

Key Returning Players: DB Marcus Bratton (USA, UVA Wise NCAA D2)

Key Additions: QB Wyatt Hutchinson (USA, Southern Oregon NAIA, Dual threat)

Saarland Hurricanes: 2019 record –  9-3 – GFL2

Head Coach: Christos Lambropoulos 1st year (Australian)

Key Returning Players: DL Raphael Koll (German), DL Sasan Jelvani (EU), H-Back Leon Helm (German).

Key additions: QB Josh Goldin (USA Colorado University NCAA D1 FBS), DB Chaz Elder (USA, South Carolina NCAA D1 FBS) WR Victor Wharton (USA, Cal NCAA D1 FBS), DB/QB Justin Jordan (USA, Mainz Golden Eagles), DB Chaska Perron (France, Thonon Black Panthers).

Ravensburg Razorbacks: 2019 record –  12-2 – GFL2 Champions

Head Coach: Sebastian Fandert (1st year)

Key Returning Players: WR Michael Mayer (German), DB Pirmin Birker (German), Marc Piduch (German),  K Linuz Diez (German).

Key Additions: OC Augie Stevens (USA, HC Catalan Gryzzlies), TE Ryan Smith (USA Miami (OH) NCAA D1 FBS), RB Lennies Mcferren (USA, South Eastern Missouri State NCAA D2, Ravensburg in 2017 ), QB Ryan Deal (USA, West Virginia Wesleyan NCAA D2), LB Jeremy Conley (USA, Weisbaden).

GFL South 2

Marburg Mercenaries: 2019 record – 9-6 – 3rd place – reached quarterfinals.

Head Coach: Joe Tricario (1st year)

Key Returning Players: OL Martin Aab (German), RB Melin Detroy (German), LB Tim Göckus (German), WR Niklas Fengler (German), DL  Nico Koch (German).

Key Additions: OC Tim Bishop (USA), QB Sonny Weishaupt (German),  WR/DB Reuben de Ruyter (Belgium, Rostock Griffins, Ingolstadt Dukes, Hämeenlinna Huskies, Carlstad Crusaders), RB Marcus Cox (USA Appalachian State NCAA D1 FBS), LB Robert Heyward (USA Appalachian State NCAA D1 FBS), WR Aaron Seward (USA Carson Newman University NCAA D2 lower German leagues), DB Marvin Hart Jr (USA Stony Brook University NCAA D1 FCS), DB Alessandro Fantin  (Italy, Lazio Ducks).

Munich Cowboys: 2019 record – 3-10-1 – 7th place

Head Coach: Garren Holley 4th Season.

Key Returning Players: OL Eric Rasch (German) LB Leon Nieper (German) WR Luca Salvo (German).

Key Additions: QB Justin Sottilaire (USA Wesleyan NCAA D3 veteran), WR Michiah Quck (Oklahoma University NCAA D1 FBS), WR Jakob Wenzel (German), DB AJ Smith (USA Western New Mexico University  NCAA D2 ), RB Brandon Watkins (USA Notre Dame College NCAA D2, Football & Rugby).

Frankfurt Universe: 2019 record – 12-4 – 2nd place – reached semifinals

Head Coach: Mele Mosqueda (1st year)

Key Returning Players: TE Lucas Lauel (German), RB Phillip Wollrab (German), DL Gjergji Berisha (EU), DB Robin Michel (German).

Key Additions: QB Terrance Shambry (USA Shaw NCAA D2 University, Tychy Falcons), DL Jack Brennan (UK), WR/DB Brandon Butler (USA former basketball player).

Allgäu Comets: 2019 Record: 5-9 – 6th place

Head Coach: Hesham Khalifa (1st year, interim twice, German)

Key Returning Players: LB Niall Padden (USA/Ireland, veteran, Montana Tech NAIA), OL Nenad Stojic (Serbia), LB Jonell Pelie (UK), DB Julius Tager (German), DL Pidi Atotherentsen (German), DL Christian Leobold (German), DL Johannes Wagner (German, 10 sacks in 2019), WR Lucas Krieger (German).

Key Additions: QB McLane Carter (Texas Tech NCAA D1 FBS ), RB Brandon Kohn (USA, San Diego State NCAA D1 FCS,  veteran, played for the Comets before moving to Unicorns in 2019), RB Glenn Tonga (UK), Jermaine Guynn (USA, Purdue, NCAA D1 FBS, Stuttgart Scorpions, Swarco Raiders).

Graphics: Igor Lazarevic

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