Germany: GFL TV Top 9 Plays of the Week from the German Football League

With all of the teams in the German Football League now in action this past weekend, let’s take a look at the Top 9 GFL TV Plays of the Week from the second full weekend of play after the break.

Both offenses and defenses are highlighted in this round with an interception and a strip among the nine plays featured. Two of the games had a pair of highlights each this week.

With the ball on the Berlin Rebels 10 yard line, Dresden Monarchs QB Trenton Norvell rolls to his left and fires a bullet to a streaking Chris Genau in the corner of the end zone just inside the rear pylon for a touchdown. Dresden downed Berlin 20-18 in this game.

Braunschweig New Yorker Lions QB Jadrian Clark tossed a 12 yard pass to a leaping Nicolai Schumann on the Cologne Crocodiles 43 yard line and Schumann pulled it down and outran the defense for a 55 yard touchdown in a 43-6 rout for the Lions.

Rebels LB Rory Johnson executed the strip technique to perfection against Dresden as Norvell learned the dangers of a quarterback not sliding. On a 3rd and 10 from midfield, Norvell raced around the left side and after a seven yard gain was tackled and Johnson stripped the ball from him as he was going down and raced the other way scoring a 60 yard touchdown for Berlin.

RB Khris Francis of the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes displayed his speed against the Cologne Crocodiles, taking a delayed handoff from QB Lenorris Footman on the Hurricanes 28 yard lien and headed to the sideline and left defenders in his wake as he scored a 72 yard touchdown. Kiel won the game 37-15.

Marburg Mercenaries RB/QB Silas Nacita took the snap with the ball on the 25 yard line against the Frankfurt Universe and simply found a hole up the middle and took off for a 75 yard touchdown. Although Marburg lost the game 26-19, Nacita was dangerous all game long.

Marco Ehrenfried, QB for the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, surveyed the Ingolstadt Dukes defense and with plenty of time found WR Tyler Rutenbeck all alone at the Dukes 18 yard line. Rutenbeck did the rest, evading one defender and leaping into the end zone for a touchdown in a 44-13 win for the Unicorns.

The Cologne-Braunschweig game held another highlight as Crocodiles LB Marc Millan snagged a Jadrian Clark pass at his own 30 yard line, bobbled it a couple of times and took off for a 70 yard interception return for a TD.

Out of the shotgun, Hildesheim QB Tyler Johnson stepped back and found RB Jaleel Awini who had been lined up at WR, coming across the middle. Awini hauled in the short pass and then battled his way down to the Kiel 10 yard line shedding tacklers the entire way.

Universe DB Kweishi Brown calmly stepped in front of the Marburg WR at the Mercenaries 25 yard line, intercepted a  Zac Cunha pass, and weaving through traffic returned the ball for a touchdown. It was a key 2nd half TD and Frankfurt went on to win 26-19.

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