Germany returns to international stage

After long and intensive discussions and negotiations, the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) and the American Football Federation of Germany (AFVD) have reached an agreement in principle to have Germany rejoin the international federation.

This ends five years which saw IFAF split into two factions in a bitter dispute and Germany in isolation during the past two years over a controversial parcel of money. As a result, Germany has not participated in international tournaments or competitions since 2017. With this agreement, which is preliminary at this point, the German national teams can now be reactivated to compete on an international level.

AFVD President Robert Huber is relieved:

“We recently had very good discussions and agreed that, for the good of football, only a common future between IFAF and AFVD will lead to success.”

The details of the agreement will be provided in a separate, joint news release from the AFVD and IFAF. AFVD’s Director of National Teams, Jean-Marc Tappy is naturally happy:

“This is unbelievably good news for all active players in the AFVD. After all, the goal for all players, whether men, women, juniors or flag players, is to play for the national team. This gives additional motivation for the measures that we are currently planning for 2021, if the Corona situation allows it.”

According to a source close to the AFVD who wishes to remain anonymous:

“IFAF and the AFVD have agreed to work together again. Part of the deal is that the national teams of the AFVD can participate again and that the AFVD on the other side releases part of the seized money. Everybody involved is reinstated and in good standing.”

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