Germany shuts down football for a month

Due to the coronavirus, COVID-19, the American Football Federation of Germany, AFVD (American Football Verband Deutschland) has suspended all activities and operations until April 17.

Although the German Football League is not scheduled to start until April 25, all practices, scrimmages, preseason games have been put on hold.

According to one official, teams were instructed to stop practicing and/or playing until at least Easter. Apparently, a later league start is being discussed, possibly into May but everything is being decided on a day to day basis.  According to some health experts, the virus is expected to peak at the beginning of April.

Coronavirus cases tripled in past week

As of March 14, the number of coronavirus cases in Germany stood at 4,544 with nine deaths, meaning it doubled since Wednesday and more than tripled in the past six days. In her weekly podcast, the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Angela Merkel, reiterated her government’s priorities. At this stage, she says, there is no cure for the diseases caused by COVID-19. Its spread needed to be slowed down in order to make sure the health system would not be overburdened. Social contacts needed to be ceased wherever possible. “That way we will help those who will be affected the most”, the Chancellor went on to say, namely the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.

The AFVD is the largest American football federation in Europe with more than 54,000 players and over 450 clubs.


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