Germany’s AFVBY Combine a Success!

Recently, the Bavarian American Football Association (AFVBY) held its first ever football combine featuring youth players from all over the region in southern Germany.

The coaching staff on hand was impressive and included offensive line coach Jürgen Lengling who was also scouting for German Youth National Team, Andy Meyer from the 24/7 American Football School, Martin Hanselmann, former German national team  and GFL head coach, Markus Schuster former NFL Europe running back and owner of the Kraftwerk crossfit gym in Munich called , Marco Gahlbeck (University of Würzburg/Sport Science), as well as two professional physiotherapists, two volunteer trainers and Thomas Höing who helped organize the event.

Combine  AFVBY 2015

Combine AFVBY 2015

The staff set up the 10 testing stations in the newly refurbished athletic sports hall in Fürth and then  physiotherapist Thomas Bartz did a brief examination of each athlete.

Markus Schuster started the Combine warming up the 10-14 year old group. The 15-19 group and the seniors started their own combines with an hour delay. The initial times for the sprints and shuttle drills which are available on the Facebook page (see link below), were impressive according to the coaches and they hope to see the attending athletes improve year by year.

Germany - Bavarian combine 2015 - 3pic

Jürgen Lengling  who was scouting for players for the Germany U19 national team and had traveled down to the event from northern Germany praised the well organized and high quality event.

“I also have seen some really good athletes who have confirmed their performances from this year’s federal states tournament.”

These players will get their chance in the National Camps this year and next year. So far the coaches are very happy with the results and the turnout of players and media. One feature that attracted considerable attention was the testing equipment, including the Photoelectric Measurement System and the Traffic Light Reaction Test.

For more information on the combine check out the Facebook page for the combine.

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