Germany’s Allgäu Comets sign top Swedish WR Robin Juhlin

The Allgäu Comets are looking to rebound after a dismal start to the German Football League season with the signing of Swedish all star wide receiver Robin Juhlin.

The 5’11”, 185 lb, 25 year old Juhlin, a native of Kil, a small town just outside of Karlstad, Sweden, has just finished another good season with the Carlstad Crusaders in the Swedish Superserien despite coming back from knee surgery which saw him in a limited role early in the season. He began to find his form towards the end of the season and in the championship game caught eight passes for 109 yards. In 2018, he was voted as the country’s leading receiver with 808 yards in receiving.

Comets offensive coordinator Sebastian Johansson, who also played with and coached Juhlin in Carlstad:

“I’m very excited to have Robin Juhlin join forces with the Comets after a solid Superserien season. I can’t wait to get him out on the field. He is a tremendous football player and a great teammate.”

Allgäu have opened the year with a 1-6 record and has the worst offense in the GFL. The Comets have scored just 115 points in seven games. The team has undergone a coaching change in the last few weeks with Johansson stepping into the role of offensive coordinator.

American Football International asked Juhlin about the move and being reunited with Johansson who he has known since they started playing together as teenagers.

American Football International: You just finished a solid season in Sweden reaching the Swedish final with Carlstad. Why the urge to sign in Germany?

Robin Juhlin: I just ended my season in Sweden with a silver medal but it didn’t feel like I was done. I have had a year full of injuries (knee surgery) (cracked rib) so it felt like I didn’t hit my form until the Swedish final. So when Sebastian contacted me about playing in the GFL I took the chance.

AFI: How did it happen?

Juhlin: Sebastian contacted me the week before the final and asked me if I was interested in playing in the GFL. I said I would think about it and after the final my body felt good and I wanted to keep playing.

AFI: Another teammate, Jacob Dahre left to play in Germany earlier. What has he told you about the difference in play?

Juhlin: What I have heard from Sebastian and Dahre is that its the same thing but faster and they hit harder and it’s more competitive.

AFI: What are your expectations?

Juhlin: I expect to learn more about the sport and how it is to play in the best league in Europe. And how i stand against them.

AFI: You will be playing for a former teammate who is now OC, Sebastian Johansson. How does that feel?

Juhlin: Sebastian and I started play football together back in 2004 . We have played U13, U16 and senior football together. It’s fun that Sebastian believes in me and thinks that I can play at this level. I feel comfortable having Sebastian behind me as a coach now. He has a lot of experience from all his years in the United States playing college football, and in Sweden, so I have no doubt this is going to be a fun and educational experience for me.

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