Germany’s Frankfurt Galaxy Boost 2015 Roster

It’s hard to escape the rebirth of the Frankfurt Galaxy in Germany. Some people may see it as a gimmick.But over the last two weeks they have made another two significant steps in building a formidable football force in the future.

First up, the Swiss champion Basel Gladiators now must come to terms with the loss of star running back/linebacker Evan Harrington. He is headed to the Galaxy.

The Gladiators largely cited his secure hands and eye for free space in their first championship win. Galaxy Sporting Director Jens Leydecker commented:

Evan is a complete player with all the features that a team could want. He is highly trained, disciplined and in top form. It’s not for nothing that he was invited to the training camp of the San Diego Chargers.”

The Washington, D.C. native was born on February 6th, 1989. After attending the University of Colorado, he spent half a season with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Above: Evan Harrington is leaving Switzerland for Frankfurt.

Harrington on the Frankfurt Galaxy:

“With the Galaxy’s ambitious goals I can see very good chances of being a bigger success in Germany. I know how important NFL Europe was to Frankfurt and how Frankfurt was a stronghold of European football. The Galaxy’s plan to get to that point again fascinated me and I want to help Frankfurt reach this point”

Frankfurt then announced the second big offensive signing in wide receiver Todd Harrelson who was described as a “grenade” by Jen Leydecker.

For Virginia, Harrelson was considered as one of the top 50 high school receivers in the all of America. After high school (where he holds the state record for catches in a playoff game 15) he attended the University of North Carolina (one of 30 colleges to offer a scholarship). At North Carolina he was used as an all-round player, in particular corner back.

Galaxy Head Coach Markus Grahn told us, “Todd is a player who’s character fits in very well with the team structure, his on field confidence is an asset to any club”

Like Harrington, Harrelson is an all-round player and stated,“I am happy at cornerback as well as receiver. It fills me every time with pride when the opposing quarterback would rather pass to a receiver that is not covered by me.”

At college he was also a punt and kick-returner

The only blot in his career came when he was suspended from the Tar Heels for an unspecified violation of team and university rules.

Despite being in the GFL2, the Galaxy are likely to be one of the most exciting teams to watch in 2015 and are now almost certain to be the favorites for the division.

Alex Underwood was lured into the game purely on intrigue, coupled with watching the Thames Valley Chargers in their heyday. he follows the Washington Redskins , and lists his favorite player as Chris "Hangman" Hanburger of the 70's 'Skins He is our