Germany’s Hildesheim Invaders sign QB Shazzon Mumphrey

The Hildesheim Invaders of the German Football League have signed University of New Haven quarterback Shazzon Mumphrey for the 2018 season.

The 6’3″, 225 lb Mumphrey, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, spent two seasons at Florida A&M before transferring to  the University of New Haven (NCAA Div. II) where he finished his career playing both quarterback and wide receiver. He graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice earlier this year before signing with Denmark’s Triangle Razorbacks midway through the 2017 seasonhelping the team reach the Danish semifinals.

American Football International asked Shazzon about the transition from Denmark to Germany and his football journey.

American Football International:  You have taken quite a step up from Danish league to German Football League. How did you end up signing there?

Shazzon Mumphrey: Yes, it’s a huge step up for me. GFL has been the goal. However, with Germany being the best league in all of Europe I feel I belong there. I was actually recruited pretty hard by some teams in the GFL1 South last year but was unable to accept an offer because they wanted me in Feb/March and i was graduating (University of New Haven) in May. The Razorbacks (Denmark) were willing to bring me over midway through the season. It helped them because they were in need of a QB and helped me out something on Film. [Hildesheim]  Coach Matt LeFever and I have a good relationship and he trusts me to come get the job done in Hildesheim.

AFI: Tell us a little about your background in football.

Mumphrey: I’ve been playing obviously a long time. Since 5 years old. I was pretty heavily recruited out of high school by some Mid-Major Schools and a lot of FCS places. Eligibility complications sent me the JUCO route before ending up at Florida A&M University (FCS). Spent some time there and thought It was best for me to finish my career at the University of New Haven where Played QB in 2015. I moved around a lot at QB and some WR in 2016. I’ve had a great football experience to this point, great HS career, pretty good college career and looking to have much success at this level. I am ecstatic to continue in Germany this upcoming season.

AFI:  What are your overall thoughts about playing in Europe?

Mumphrey: I think that football in Europe is growing as a whole. Obviously the established leaves like, Germany, Austria, etc have some really good organizations but all over i can see It growing and progressing. Denmark was a good learning experience as far as culture and people. I was also put in situations where I had to use my football knowledge to help others from the younger guys all the way up to the national league team. I love that part of It. You get to do your job on the field/off the field, as well as coach up the youth.

AFI: Did you get a chance to do much traveling while playing in Denmark?

Mumphrey: When I was in Denmark i traveled within the country. It was awesome. I got to see Copenhagen, Aarus, a lot of nice low key, secluded places that were just beautiful. I look forward to seeing what Germany has to offer. Denmark was a gorgeous place when It wasn’t raining haha.

AFI: The Invaders had a tough season in 2017. What can you think you bring to the team?

Mumphrey: Yeah definitely, I was well aware of that before signing. I even had a couple other contract offers but i just felt Hildesheim was the perfect fit. Like I said I have a good relationship with coach LeFever and coach Crockett they are great guys and i trust in the system and the things they have in the works for the team. They are both former quarterbacks who know the game (especially in Europe) well. Individually I bring a number of the things to the table. I feel I’ve grown so much as a passer and a overall leader which we will need a lot of in Hildesheim in 2018. My athletic ability is a key component in my game, escapability, play extending all will play a big part in our offense. I like to compare my style of play to a Tyrod Taylor of the Buffalo Bills. Obviously not that exact level but style wise very similar.

AFI:  What are your expectations for 2018?

Mumphrey: I expect It to be a great experience in 2018. I am familiar with some of the imports we’ve signed, have a great relationship with the coaching staff and the guys welcomed me with open arms when i signed. They reached out to me via Facebook, on twitter & instagram @ShazzMumphrey5, they are just as excited as me to get this thing rolling. I expect to make some great friends and relationships that last a lifetime like I did in Vejle [Denmark] and I expect to win games. It won’t be an easy task but we’ve all faced tougher situations. I can feel that It will be a year to remember. I am very optimistic about that. It’s incredible what can be accomplished when you have a talented, hardworking, close knit, relentless group which is all I’ve heard about the men over in Hildesheim. This year for me will be all about learning, growing and establishing something in Hildesheim. They have a pretty rich tradition before the transition to GFL1 and i want to be a part of something special. I think we can make something happen. Invader Nation. Thank you again for having me. Can’t wait to get there I’ll see you soon!

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Roger Kelly is an editor and a writer for AFI. A former PR Director the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League for 7 years, he now lives in Sweden writing about and scouting American Football throughout the world.