Germany’s Moritz Boehringer Walks To Minnesota Vikings Practice Every Day

According to CBS Sports, Germany’s Moritz Boehringer, drafted in the sixth round of the 2016 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings, is as thrifty as he is fast on a football field.

The previously unknown player from the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns in Germany, who exploded out of nowhere on the American football scene at the Florida Atlantic Pro Day, has apparently decided that at least while the weather is mild, walking is as good as riding.

There are plenty of fancy vehicles in the Minnesota Viking’s practice facility parking lot, but not one of them belongs to Boehringer. It seems that hiking the three miles or so to practice on foot is just fine with the German receiver.

He lives about three miles away which means he walks a total of six miles every day which is roughly the same as walking the length of 105 football fields a day.

The walk should take Boehringer about an hour each way.

According to him, his girlfriend thinks he is crazy:

“My girlfriend thinks it’s pretty crazy, because, like most Americans, she drives everywhere,” Boehringer said during a recent interview with Transferwise.

But to him it is only logical.

“The main reason why I walk everywhere is because I don’t have a car because I wanted to save money,” Boehringer said. “Every morning I just walk to the facility, and in the afternoon I walk back.”

That may work well while the weather permits, but once the real Minnesota winter arrives he may change his mind. Nevertheless, his rookie contract pays him only $150,000 in guaranteed money and a new car would consume a third of that.

No walking during training camp

Fortunately, his walking days are put on hold during training camp which is going on right now but come September he will no doubt be back pounding the pavement unless he feels the chill of the fall air warrants forking out some serious cash for a car.

View Boehringer’s entire interview from Transferwise below.

Link to original story by John Breech in CBS Sports 


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