GFL North kicks off 2021 season

The German Football League, GFL, is back after a 601 day absence due to COVID-19.

The GFL will feature 14 teams competing in a 10 game regular season schedule which kicks off June 4 and ends September 5. The German Bowl is scheduled for October 9.

The 14 team GFL, is split, as usual, into two divisions, GFL North and GFL South, but now there are two conferences within each division. Today we’ll take a look at North 1 and North 2.

There are six teams in the GFL North, three in each conference.

North 1 is comprised of the following teams: Braunschweig New Yorker Lions, Berlin Rebels and Cologne Crocodiles.

North 2 has three teams as well: Dresden Monarchs, Potsdam Royals and Kiel Baltic Hurricanes

The Braunschweig New Yorker Lions won the GFL North in 2019 and took the German Bowl championship, defeating the Schwabisch Hall Unicorns in the title game. They had defeated the Frankfurt Universe in the semifinals and the Stuttgart Scorpions in the quarterfinals. The Dresden Monarchs advanced to the semifinals in 2019 where they lost to the Unicorns. They had beaten the Marburg Mercenaries in the quarterfinal round. The Berlin Rebels reached the quarterfinals in 2019 but were knocked out by the Unicorns.

GFL North 1

New Yorker Lions: 2019 record 17-0 – German champs

Head Coach: Troy Tomlin (9th season)

Returning Players: LB David Muller (German), Nikolas Roemer (German), WR Paul Bogdann (German), DL Georg Burgmeister (German), DB Paul Baron (German), WR Christian Bollmann (German), DB Benjamin Krahl, OL Gerrit Brandt (German), OL Benhur Ayra (German), DL Samuel Kragel (German).

Key Additions: QB Jake Kennedy (USA Whittenberg NCAA D3, Graz Giants), DB Eiko Döhnel (German).

Berlin Rebels: 2019 Record 8-7 – 4th – Quarterfinals

Head Coach: Joshua Mandel (1st season, DC from 2015-2019)

Returning Players: LB Rory Johnson (USA Ole Miss, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, NCAA D1 FBS, played with Rebels since 2010), OL Sven Skora (EU, German, Berlin), RB Andreas Betza (France), WR Jason Harris (German/USA), DB Gino Chongo (German).

Key Additions: QB Darius Wade (USA Boston College/Bowling Green NCAA D1 FBS), WR Jordan Paul ( Charlestown University NCAA D2 Allgau Comets 2018/19), DT Remi Daniels (UK), DB/LB James McCallum (Canadian, Carleton University, Potsdam Royals 2019).

Cologne Crocodiles: 2019 Record 7-7 – 5th 

Head Coach: Patrick Köpper (5th season)

Returning Players:  WR Aaron Jackson (USA, Benedictine College NAIA), DB Emory Polley (USA Brown University NCAA D1 FCS), OL Sven Breidenbach (German, CFL combine), LB Leon Littfinski (German).

Key Additions: Christian Strong (Canadian, Seton Hill NCAA D2, Dusseldorf 2019), DB Dejvion Stewart (USA, Tiffin University NCAA D2, Seinäjoki, Bolzano), WR Markell Castle (USA, Newberry University NCAA D2 , Kiel 2019).

GFL North 2

Dresden Monarchs: 2019 Record 11-5 – 2nd – Semifinals.

Head Coach: Ulrich Dauber (3rd season)

Returning players: OL Aaron Wahl (German), DB Tim Hagmann (Switzerland), Florian Zur Nieden (German), DL Vincent Kanig (German), LB Luca Ender (German), OL Victor Schamschurko (German).

Key Additions: QB KJ Carta-Samuels (USA, Colorado State NCAA D1), Charles Oliver (USA Texas A&M NCAA D1), WR Antek Podgorski (Poland former NFL IPP), WR Darrell Stewart (USA, Michigan State NCAA D1), LB Kaulana Apelu (USA Oregon University NCAA D1), Jason Selormy (UK, London Blitz), DL Yoann Miangue (French 2021 NFL IPP).

Potsdam Royals: 2019 Record 4-9-1 – 6th

Head Coach: Michael Vogt (since 2016 at least)

Returning Players: WR David Saul (UK), LB Jan Schewitza (German), OL Ludwig Rötzscher (German).

Key Additions: QB PJ Settles (USA, Rhodes College NCAA D3), RB Jake Mayon (USA, Northern Michigan NCAA D2), DB Abu Daramy-Swaray (USA, Colgate University NCAA D1 FCS), DB Adehkeem Brown (USA, Quincy University NCAA D2, Schwabisch Hall), DL OJ Thompson (USA/UK Fort Lewis NCAA D2, Seinäjoki Crocodiles Finland), DB Adehkeen Brown (USA, , Schwabisch Hall), OL Martin Vammen (Denmark), WR Kevin Fortes (France), WR Aymeric Nicault (France, Wasa Royals), WR Fred Myrup Nielsen (Denmark, CFL Global Prospect), DL Edwin Elio (France), OL Yasir Radji (EU, Dresden Monarchs), Assistant DC Pheobe Schector (Woman, Buffalo Bills internship, Bryant University), OC Andrew Weidinger (12 years NFL experience).

Kiel Baltic Hurricanes: 2019 Record 2-12- 7th

Head Coach: Tim Zorn (2nd season)

Returning Players: LB Darin Hungerford (USA, Kean University NCAA D3), OL Kevin von Kroge (German), Marian Backer (German), DL Lucas Adamec (German), WR Michel Peschel (German).

Key Additions: QB Joe Germinerio (USA Ithaca NCAA D3), WR Weston Carr (USA Penn State NCAA D1 FBS), WR Tom Donovan (Ireland).

Graphics: Igor Lazarevic

Research: Alex Malchow

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