GFL: Potsdam Royals dethrone Dresden Monarchs in blowout win

Saturday saw one of the most highly anticipated matchups of the German Football League take place as the Potsdam Royals dominated the Dresden Monarchs 57-21, reclaiming top spot in the GFL North.

Dresden’s first loss came before the game however as the GFL’s leading receiver, Austin Mitchell, was sidelined. Mitchell’s absence, however, didn’t stop the Monarchs from taking an early lead, as quarterback Steven Duncan found Eric Seidel over the middle for a 16-yard touchdown to open up the scoring. 

After an exchange of punts, a long drive led by Potsdam quarterback Jaylon Henderson set the Royals up on the goal line where Heiko Bals found the end zone from two yards out. A signature Henderson run for two points put Potsdam up 8-7. 

The second quarter opened up in an unfamiliar way, as the Monarchs’ drive came to an abrupt end with Ronaldo Tomassello picking off Duncan over the middle. Potsdam capitalized on the opportunity, as Henderson hit Thomas Jenkins deep down the sideline for a 38-yard touchdown, which, combined with another successful two-point conversion, put the Royals up 16-7.

Dresden came up with an immediate response; Steven Duncan let a ball fly deep, which was met by a spectacular juggling catch from Tommy Wilson, setting up a four-yard Nico Barrow score on the ground. The Monarchs went for two and failed, making the score 16-13. 

The following drive would see Henderson fire a ball over the middle to Simon Fons, who did the rest of the job to put the Royals up two scores. Dresden’s next drive presented their final score of the game, as Duncan found Wilson, who brought down a tough catch over a defensive back at the back of the end zone.

Image courtesy of Leo Ziems

Jalyon Henderson would score another two touchdowns in the air before the teams headed into the half. The first came on a screen pass to Jenkins, while the second came via a cross-body throw to Finn Krause on the goal line. Potsdam entered the break with a 37-21 advantage over the then-top seeded Monarchs.

After the half, the Royals put their foot back on the gas; Henderson ran up the middle for a 12-yard touchdown, before a Dresden three-and-out allowed them to double up with a perfectly placed throw on-the-run to Brandon Polk.

After exchanging possession of the ball for the remainder of the third period, Steven Duncan was picked off for a second time, yet again by Tomassello, setting the Royals up near the 50-yard-line. Henderson led another strong drive, finished off by another Bals goal line touchdown run. A successful point-after kick made the score a very much unattainable 57-21 with under two minutes remaining. The Monarchs drained the clock, taking their second loss of the season.

A current student at Bournemouth University as well as a quarterback with eight years of playing experience. Brad's goal is to be a part of the growth of the game around the world through journalism and media.