Meet The German Football League Sack Leader, Thomas Rauch

As the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, finalists for five of the last six years in the German Football League and winners in 2011 and 2012, prepare for the 2017 season, they are hoping that the anchor of their defense, Thomas Rauch will return.

In 2016, the 34 year old Rauch, 6’4″, 250, led the country in sacks with 14, adding two in the German Bowl. He also racked up 57 tackles while serving as the team’s kicker. He started his football career with the Franken Knights in 2005 and is now also an anchor on the German national team.


Thomas Rauch hoisting German Bowl trophy in 2011

American Football International asked Thomas about the 2016 season and his plans for 2017.

American Football International: You led the GFL in sacks this past season. How do you think you did this?

Thomas Rauch: We had a really good front seven and the best defensive line in all my years with the Unicorns. I think that was the key

AFI: What about your coaching or off-season training? Did you do anything special for this season?

Rauch: I have had a really good coach in the off-season. He has made my workout plan for 17 years which includes power, athleticism, stretching and speed. He also has A Foodplan Since 2003. I put my Focus Last Winter and during that Season on box Junps and Balance stuff much more than the Last few years

AFI: Who was your coach?

Rauch: Martin Hanselmann

AFI: Can you tell us about the 2016 German Bowl? Was it a tough game to lose?

Rauch: This time was really really hard because we all believed we could win this year. The last two, especially 2014, we were too far away to win it. In 2015 we were two scores behind the whole time. But in 2016 we were only four points behind with four minutes left in the last quarter.

AFI: What is your hope for next year? Will you stay with the Unicorns for 2017?

Rauch: If I play one more year then it will only be for the Unicorns. I hope that the Unicorns win the final. Because the organization deserves it. So many people have worked so hard for the program.

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