Giant German prospect Jasper Friis receives scholarship offer from University of California

Another European has proven that American football is becoming truly international. Offensive tackle Japer Friis from Starnberg, Germany has received a scholarship offer from the University of California.

This is a huge step for the 6’7, 300 lb lineman who only transferred from his native Germany to Aquinas High School in San Bernadino California a year ago. Friis started playing football in 2013 with his club team in Starnberg, Germany, the Starnberg Argonauts. He moved on to the Munich Cowboys and the Fursty Razorbacks before heading to the United States to further develop his skills.

American Football International asked Jasper about his journey and the prospect of playing for a Pac 12 school like Cal.

American Football International: How did you come to get recruited by Cal?

Jasper Friis: They called my coaches 2 weeks ago and their OL coach, Steve Greatwood, contacted me on Twitter. He told me that they would love me to come up an visit the university.

AFI: Where did you learn to play football?

Friis: I started at a small club in Germany back in 2013 . It’s called the Starnberg Argonauts and I played two years for the u15 team.

AFI: So I am guessing the visit to Cal went well. What did you like about Cal and what did they like about you?

Friis: I liked the environment around the campus and that they have a program to help athletes to help them to start a business. Well I guess they liked my frame (ht 6’7″ wt 318) and my athletic abilities.

AFI: Where have you been playing most recently?

Friis: I play currently at Aquinas High School in San Bernadino, California. I’ve been playing here since August last year and I really enjoy my time here.

AFI: How did you come to Aquinas from Starnberg?

Friis: Well I played for two other club teams before I came to the States. The Munich Cowboys and the Fursty Rasorbacks. But to answer your question, I heard about Joshka Gustav, an outside linebacker/defensive end from Hamburg and he played at Aquinas. So an organization called ISN helped me to get in contact with the school.

AFI: That is great. Cal is a long way from Germany. How does this make you feel? Signing day was nearly a month ago. And signing a scholarship with PAC-12 school is a big deal.

Friis: I didn’t sign yet. I still have one year left to play and have some visits ahead, However, it is a a BIG deal PAC-12 is arguably a Top3 conference in College Football and a great competition

John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.