GMTM and Europe’s Elite launch football’s first free Online Combine for international athletes – The GMTM Virtual

The year 2020 has presented numerous challenges for athletes and coaches all over the globe. Whether you’re in Europe, North America, South America, or anywhere else in the world, the coronavirus has caused virtually every league to be postponed or to be canceled entirely. It is clear that this global health pandemic has forced many coaches and league leaders to have uncomfortable conversations about the future of football in their area.

For the professional international athlete, 2020 may have to be chalked up to the loss of what would be a “normal season”.

But what impact has the coronavirus and threat to the 2020 football season had on the youth athlete?

We often have discussions about the pro athlete around the world and their season, but the true future of football around the globe lies with the youth. The questions many young athletes during this time have been asking include “How can I continue to get better?” or “How can I continue to compete?” or “How can I potentially gain some exposure in order to achieve some of my goals?”.

GMTM Virtual Combine

Organizations around the world have been pondering these questions and have managed to come up with a variety of solutions.

One comes from the work of GMTM Sports and Europe’s Elite.

Thanks to them, international athletes now have an opportunity to compete in the world’s 1st virtual combine. GMTM Sports is an athlete recruiting platform based in the US that contains a large database of rising athletes and high school football players around the globe. Europe’s Elite is a news and media organization that is dedicated to telling stories of elite athletes throughout Europe.

The two organizations have come together to host the world’s 1st completely virtual event, and the beauty of it is that it is 100% free!

Joey Grant, CEO of GMTM Sports:

“In response, GMTM has unveiled The Virtual on April 1st, a free online showcase inviting every football player from every country to compete in drills at home and be found. Athletes are able to upload their videos to The GMTM Virtual, competing on an international level and be evaluated by college coaches, NFL players, and the GMTM team. There are currently thousands of athletes competing athletes the globe.”

GMTM is committed to connecting athletes with opportunities. and the present situation has presented us with a call to action.”

Evan Harrington, CEO of Europe’s Elite:

“We are very excited to use or media platform to give young international athletes a way to continue to compete, develop, and gain exposure. The Coronavirus has created a vast amount of challenges for everyone. We felt this partnership would be great not only for ourselves, but for every coach and athlete.”

“This a perfect opportunity for athletes to continue to develop but remain safe during these times. And it is 100% free every athlete.” – CEO of Europe’s Elite, Evan Harrington.