Video: Grading the biggest European League of Football free agent signings (so far)

Hundreds of players have been signed to date in the European League of Football and other European leagues throughout Europe .

As one of Europe’s resident scouts and analysts, I must give grades to those signings! The continent is a land of one-season contracts, which means that in the off-season, hundreds of players move countries every year. This means that we have plenty of content to keep us busy year-round.

Harlan Kwofie Photo: Marcel Heinisch

In the first instalment, we’ll take a look at just ELF signings. Some of those signings were vastly unexpected this time last season. Others show the league team’s commitment to the young stars of the league. Either way, some teams will be in a completely different predicament in 2024. The league has taken shape rapidly already, most teams have completed a large majority of their roster building, therefore, grades will be coming in thick and fast.

Lucky Ogbevoen

It is only a matter of months until all of the research over the year comes into practice.

Let’s get into it.